Explain how an actor playing Eddie Carbone could show the changes that occur of the play In this essay I am going to analyse and Asses the feelings and emotion of Eddie Carbone and how his personality and character progress in the progress of the play. I shall be doing this by commenting on how an actor should perform this unique pivotal role and how he should relate his character to the 20th century. Arther Miller sets the play ‘A view from a bridge’ in 1940’s Brooklyn in New York. At this time there was a great upraise of people trying to get into America party because of political upheaval in Europe due to seconded world war.

Arthur himself was born in New York his parents were both immigrants, he felt what it was like to live the American dream and the tragedy like Eddie Carbone. Arthur father had made a name for himself as a clothes manufacture, he was a wealthy man but due to the crash of stocks in Wall Street his fathers business suffered he felt what it was like to ride the waves of the American dream. However Eddie Carbones life was a lot more complexes because his life is playing with the Italian and American law as he had two immigrants Marco and Rodolfo stay at his house.

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The immigrants are at his house due to them being his wife cosines and wanting to live the American dream. Eddie is also the guardian of Catherine who he sees as the daughter but when he finds out that Catherine is going out with Rodolfo he jumps to the conclusion that Rodolfo is only using the adorable Catherine to get his self a green card so the caring Eddie turns in to a monster by becoming overprotective and bitter to wards the middle but at the end he become malicious. To look at the bewildered mind of Eddie Carbone we must see what he was first like when introduced.

At first insight Eddie appears to be a kind caring person with an Italian background. He also knows what to say so that one can fell loved. This is seen when he says; Eddie: “Beautiful. Turn around, lemme see in the back. (She turns for him. ) Oh, if your mother was alive to see you now she wouldn’t believe it. The actor’s body movement should be slightly shy but relaxed with a hint of flirting because he is trying to complement her. He then complements her more by saying; Eddie: “You look like one of them girls that when to college. Where you going? “

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