Edgar Allan Poe pours out his grief and hopelessness through his poem, To One In Paradise. Poe uses several literary devices, including imagery, metaphors, and repetition to express his emotions to the reader.         Poe uses imagery to illustrate his final asylum. In the first stanza, he displays a “green isle in the sea”. This kindles a feeling of safety and comfort in the reader. In this stanza, life seems imperishable. Poe continues to expand on his haven by adding “fairy fruits and flowers”.  He does this to show peacefulness in his imaginary haven. In his sanctuary, Poe relishes in the beauty of life. He lets the reader bask in tranquility only to abruptly drown them in a flood of mishaps.         The poet uses metaphors to describe his despair. In the third stanza, he compares himself to a “thunder-blasted tree”. Through this metaphor, Poe claims how shattered his life is. Like a thunder-blasted tree, Poe’s life was destroyed. In the same stanza, he compares himself to a “stricken eagle”. Likewise, this metaphor also reveals Poe’s devastation. His life, like a stricken eagle, is over. Poe does not change the mood but continues to sulk through life.         Poe uses repetition to emphasize his suffering. In the third stanza, he exclaims “alas!” followed by several “no mores” in hopes that spiritual forces would hear his desperate plea. He does this to dramatize his surrender. He has reached the lowest point of life and resorts to asking help from the unknown. The last stanza repeats “and all”, “are where”, and “what”. This creates consistency in the poem. It grasps the reader’s attention and reels them back in. The use of repetition influences the poem to intensify the reader’s emotions.         Edgar Allan Poe uses imagery, metaphors, and repetition in his poem to exaggerate the pain he feels when losing hope and happiness altogether. Nevertheless, he does not try to suggest a solution for the reader to overcome this newfound agony which reflects an honest emotional crisis. His unique style of writing presents a feeling so raw and genuine which makes the poem relatable to the reader. 

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