Educators cannot disqualify the
paramount role of motivation in supporting student learning. Teachers are in
agreement that students who have willingness and volition to accomplish
classroom tasks are more likely to succeed academically. Over the years, teachers
have designed varied learning experiences for students to develop a good sense
of motivation, however, there are a number of students across the world that manifest
lack interest to attend classes, do not submit school projects and are showing poor
active learning strategies (Aliakbari and
Bozorgmanesh, (2015).

The classroom management strategies of
teachers are vital in making the classroom free from any form of interference.
It is also important in managing the class by correcting students’ disruptive
behavior through consistent and gentle form of discipline. The unwavering
assertive classroom management of teachers influences students to be motivated
in school. Further, the teachers’ regulation and control in the class drive
students’ motivation which is an essential element in student learning (Evans, Weiss, and Cullinan, 2012).

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In the Philippines, many teachers
noted that there are students who are not academically stimulated. These
students show unwillingness to participate in the class activities regardless
of the teacher’s efforts. They also easily give up when their lessons seem
difficult to understand and worst, there are some who are at-risk of dropping
out from the class. Such students often exhibit maladaptive behavior such as
tardiness, hostility towards authority, and unrealistic aspirations. As a
result, these students perform poorly and are recommended for intensive
remediation (King and Ganotice, 2013).

In the local setting, at the time of
the study, school heads in the secondary schools of municipality of Malita,
Davao Occidental Division, observed that they have students who have low
motivation as manifested in the students’ absenteeism and lack of interest to
perform better in the class. They added that there are students who are passive
and are unwilling to learn new lessons. These students refuse to engage in the
class activities and oftentimes tardy in attending classes. Similarly, they do
not also take time to evaluate their academic standing and just attend classes
whenever they like.

The researcher has not come across of
a study that dealt on assertive classroom management strategies in the local
setting. It is in this context that the researcher is interested to determine
whether the assertive classroom management strategies influences the student
motivation as this can raise awareness to the intended beneficiaries of this
study and possibly develop intervention schemes to improve teaching-learning
process, thus, the need to conduct this study.


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