Edward Rochester is Jane employer, but he is also a master of Thornfield. He is a wealthy person with a title. When Jane meets Mr. Rochester on his horse, she describes him as the man with “dark face, stern features and a heavy brow” (Bronte, 120). Mr. Rochester fit in the description of the Byronic hero because of his character, he is very arrogant and independent person, he is also unconventional, and he rejects all the rules, polite manners, and the social class that he was born into. He seems to be a gentleman, he has a lot of freedom and seems to be an honest person but he is also violent and rude, not to mention he is also old and not very pleasant to the eye. Rochester is not a loveable and warm person as Jane wish he could be, he is rather rough. He is a man burdened with a big sin of his past, his sin applies to his wife because he rejected her due to her being insane. Instead of dealing with the problem his wife had, he decided to lock her in the house. From the beginning of the novel, Jane and Rochester had an unusual and rather complex relationship and they were never simply an employer and employee. Rochester is very manipulative towards Jane, she is a young and naive so it is not a hard task for him. He constantly makes her jealous and he makes sure to keep the dark secret about his wife away from Jane.When comparing both characters, they have their differences and similarities but they both fit the description of a Byronic hero. Mr. Rochester and Heathcliff, it is clear that they are both dark with mysterious past and secrets. They both like to be independent and break the rules if they want to. Both seems to be intelligent and they do know how to manipulate others but they both have the romantic sides as they fall in love with women from different social class. However, the difference is that Rochester shows more of his weakness where Heathcliff is more of an unforgiving and devilish, especially when the plans the revenge on Hindley. 

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