Eichhornia crassipes
(Mart.) Solms called water hyacinth could be a free-floating perennial aquatic
plant happiness to the Pontederiaceae. It’s one in every of the foremost
productive plants on the planet and is taken into account the world’s worst
aquatic weed. The weed is thought as Jal khumbe in Hindi, Pisachitha tamara in
Telugu, Akasa or Vengaya tamarai in Tamil and as Kola vazha in Malayalam (Vidya
& Girish, 2014). Water hyacinth (WH) could be a free floating, perennial
water plant originated from Amazon River basin and have distributed throughout
the globe. It’s exhibited extraordinarily high growth rates and therefore the
coverage of waterways by WH has created many issues as well as destruction of
eco systems, irrigation issues and additionally as a dipteron breeding place
resulting in increase in dipteron population. it’s thought-about because the
most efficient plant on earth and currently thought-about as a significant
threat to biodiversity(Sindhu et al, 2017).In the last 3 decades a interest
within the world is aroused by the potential of victimisation the biological
ways within the waste water treatment, whose application as of natural and not
artificial procedures of tertiary process of effluents provides the effluents
of needed quality in a very economically acceptable manner within the
technically simple structures. The capability of water plant(Eichhornia
crassipes (Martius) Solms-Laubach) as a very promising plant with tremendous
application in wastewater treatment is already proven(Jafari, 2010).This weed
may be a drawback particularly in tropical and semitropical countries wherever
environmental conditions give a year spherical growing amount. The natural loss
of water from the water surface by evaporation is believed to extend through
transpiration from the leaves of water plant by a minimum of 40–50%.Due to this
generally it’s known as “shokh samunder” in Asian country. The dense growth of
water plant obstructs water flow in irrigation channels, interferes with
navigation and electricity power generation. The flow of water is reduced by
40–95% and roughness constant will increase from zero.024 to 0.055 in
irrigation channel (Mathur & Mathur, 2018). It grows in mats up to two
meters thick which may cut back lightweight and oxygen, modification water
chemistry, have an effect on flora and fauna and cause important increase in
water loss because of evapotranspiration. It conjointly causes sensible
problems for marine transportation, fishing and at intakes for hydro power and
irrigation schemes. It’s currently thought of a heavy threat to diversity. The
plant originated within the Amazon Basin and was introduced into several
components of the planet as a decorative garden pool plant attributable to its
beauty. It absolutely was initially introduced as a decorative plant in India
in 1896 from Brazil (Mathur, 2013).

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