‘We’re gonna crash! ‘ screamed Laura. The bus flipped into the air and then smashed into the ground with a deafening smack. ‘Sam? Sam! Sam wake up’ Sam woke up with a jump, he looked around him, scanning the bus, everyone was ok. ‘What’s wrong with you Sam? ‘ asked Nathan, Sam’s best friend. ‘Nothing, I just had a bad dr…. ‘ Sam was interrupted by the bus jolting forwards. The bus swerved, and then flipped up. Sam was knocked out for a moment, when he regained consciousness he looked round. He saw most of his classmates covered in blood. Nathan’s face was bloody and disfigured. Fear wrenched his heart.

Sam shouted out, ‘HELLO! IS ANYONE THERE! ARE YOU OK? ‘ he heard faint crying somewhere on the bus. Sam found everyone who was still alive. Only 9 people survived. ‘Is everyone ok? ‘ asked Guy, ‘look we need to get off the bus, I smell petrol. ‘ The group moved towards the front of the bus, walking past the dead bodies of their classmates. They shut their eyes blocking out the horrific sight around them. Severed limbs lay upon the blood drenched floor. The strong smell of petrol and death hung in the air, stinging at their nostrils. When they got off the bus they looked at their surroundings.

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It was deserted, just mountains on the horizon and a dusty road. Sam gathered everyone round, ‘Look we need to find shelter and food, and we need to sur…. ‘ Sam’s voice was cut of by an explosion. The bus behind him had exploded. Shrapnel and debris rained down on them like meteorites. The explosion flung his body about twelve feet from the group. Lorna screamed. The group ran over to Sam’s charred body. His face was grotesquely disfigured. Ellie started to cry. ‘Look we need to do what Sam said before he was blown up, find shelter and some food. ‘ said Guy assertively.

‘Look over there, there’s a cave, maybe we could shelter in there,’ said Beth. The group got to the cave. They we’re going to go in but Nadim stopped, ‘I’m not sure about this. ‘ Eliot disagreed’ look this is the best we’ve got. So stop moaning and shut up. ‘ ‘Oh really? Well make me,’ Nadim argued back. Eliot punched Nadim in the face. Nadim’s nose started to bleed. ‘Woah, hey stop it if we are going to survive we need to work together. ‘ Guy said taking control of the argument; ‘Now why don’t you two go off and calm down’ Guy said taking the lead. Nadim went off in one direction, and Eliot and Ellie went off in another.

Nadim stormed about angrily. He was kicking rocks about. He saw a snake slithering across the dusty ground. Taking his anger out on the snake he picked up a rock and hurled it at the innocent reptile. The rock smashed the snake’s head open. It lay motionless on the ground. Dead. Nadim picked up the snake wondering whether or not it counted as food. Suddenly the snake’s body began to twitch. Shocked Nadim dropped the snake. He saw its eyes. They were as red as blood. The snake had returned from the dead. The hissing serpent bit him on the arm. Nadim screamed in pain. The venom started to act immediately.

He began to froth at the mouth and fell to the ground writhing in pain. Nadim jerked one more time then stopped moving. He was dead. Unaware of Nadim’s death Eliot and Ellie went off to find somewhere more quiet. They found a tunnel. The tunnel was pitch black inside. Eliot pulled out a torch. ‘ Where did you get that? ‘ Ellie asked. ‘I stole it from that Campbell boy before… the… crash. ‘ The crash had stopped Eliot in his tracks. It had clearly startled him, ‘Come on. Let’s go. ‘ Eliot turned on the torch. The cave was a circular shape. Eliot could hear dripping. Could it be blood? They heard a noise.

They turned around. It was only a rat. They turned back round and saw a shadowy figure further down the cave. They moved towards it. Eliot shouted out ‘Hello? ‘ The shadow saw the pair. It groaned. ‘Are you ok? ‘ Ellie asked concerned. The pair walked towards it. The figure was faced away from them. Eliot turned it round thinking it would be a disorientated hiker but in front of him was a decomposed, rotting zombie. Blood was all over its face, dripping from its eyes and mouth. Its teeth were stained with blood. It had little hair. The skin on top of its head was peeling away, showing its brain.

Maggots crawled out of its nose. It lunged forwards the maggots fell from his nose it bit Eliot in his neck. Blood spurted against the wall. He staggered then fell to the ground. Ellie turned and ran. She ran back down the tunnel but she tripped. The zombie grabbed her by the ankle and pulled her back to Eliot’s corpse. She put her head next to his. Sobbing. Suddenly Eliot’s corpse re-animated. He grabbed Ellie’s face. He dug his nails into her cheeks. Blood leaked out of the wounds. The Eliot zombie pulled his hands to the left and ripped her face right off, like a child undoing his Velcro shoes.

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