Emails have been the most important tools of communication
in the corporate world. Unlike teenagers and youngsters, business doesn’t
happen on text messages or WhatsApp groups. Emails have been and still are very
effective when it comes to connecting to clients, employees, employers, or
customers as a part of marketing campaigns. New features coming up everyday has
only made emails faster and easier to use. But dealing with too many emails can
be exhausting, especially when you have no time in the day to scan through the
entire inbox just to find the relevant one.

Technically, our email management skills can have an effect
on our overall productivity. And, that is why this article is important for
everyone who might be a little clumsy in that area. Read on to be more email-organized.

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You need to set a specific time especially for
reading and responding to your mails. Otherwise either your inbox will be
up-to-date, because you had too much time during the day or emails have just
piled up because you had a busy at office. So set aside half an hour before
breakfast and another half or one hour after dinner for this purpose.

Make sure you delete any unnecessary mails or
spam messages right after you’ve opened them. Otherwise they keep blocking the
entire inbox. If you are receiving promotional emails you are not interested
in, it is better to unsubscribe to those emails all in once.

If you are dealing with many projects at the
same time, it is better to divide the emails into different projects. This way
it is easier to find an old email and keeps your inbox clean. In some cases,
there are features that allow the unread emails to be directly sent over to
their respective folders.

If you want to receive lesser emails, you need
to send lesser emails too. Instead of sending 5 separate mails to the same receiver,
you can update all that information through one mail. Too many emails can annoy
your client as well. Also, instead of sending the mail to everyone in the
office or everyone from the client side, just send the mail to the important

Keep your email account and inbox clean using the above
mentioned tips and increase your productivity by saving time. Email management
is an important organizational skill for any entrepreneur. 

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