Employees are very important resource to any
business. ‘This can be attributed to the
way their performance is appraised,
documented and relevant motivation put in place (Nurse, 2005).
according to previous researchers they have stated that there is a link between performance appraisal and employee motivation. they stated
that evaluating employee performance by considering performance appraisal, can be a reason for some employees’ motivation
to work efficiently in workplace. Due to lack of evaluating performance by
performance appraisal there was
a enormous reduction in employee motivation, and that caused to decrease in employee performance
for past six months in company. Performance appraisal is
a major element in employee performance. (Punch, 2003). in conclusion  PA and
motivation has a major impact on employee performance. Some problems occurred due to the lack of motivation in the organizations which means the employees are not happy with the management and their employee motivation performs.
According to human resource management by john jackson and robert L mathls “Motivation is an important factor
that help an employee
to do their work well. Many organizations have their own
system to identify the employee motivation level and the need of the motivation for them.” But when it comes to the performance appraisal, managers use it as just a paper of evaluating someone’s performance.
The problem is the management should link the performance appraisal with the motivation and it will help to decide effective motivation program
to employees. There is
evidence that PA definitely
and significantly influence performance (Boyne, 2003)
however, linking motivation with performance appraisal has a major impact on employee efficiency. There
was no any
practice of linking those two factors and deciding ways of motivation in organizations.
Therefor the purpose of the study is to determination of the performance appraisal and motivation on employee performance

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