encourage the development of green building by granting enormous financial benefit, tax write off, assurance discount.(International Journal of Economic Practices and Theories, Vol. 2, No. 1, 2012 (January), e-ISSN 2247 – 7225 www.ijept.org )AdvantagesReduce packaging waste by implementing a waste segregation.Easy to compete as the service is more marketable due to people preferences. More stable and have a feel good component as people know that what their purchasing have a good impact in the environment. (S. Doering/2017 assessed on January 2018)DisadvantagesHard to keeping up as competition is really high, more hotel want to practice the sustainability so they can gain more customer. Some product are not environmentally friendly and can be really a big challenge to the business.Does not always focus on business profitability.(S. Doering/2017 assessed on January 2018)Safety and security. Different type of security in the hotel(image.slidesharecdn.com/hotelsecurity/2018)The industry’s concern with security has increased greatly due to several terrorist attacks worldwide, as well as because of tourists’ kidnappings, robberies and assaults. the need for safety and security around the world is growing and the need of safety and security has become a worldwide discussion.  Besides, most of the hotels have now enforce a safety and security plan  and quality plan such as providing training for the employees on how to protect the guest in case of shooting and brochure to familiarise the guest about the safety and disaster plans made for each kind of threat. Personal safety of guests must be the first priority (Walker, 2010).There is an  Increase of security measures existing  in all the international airports and most airline companies have upgraded their security measures by investing millions of pound. furthermore, they make plans in order to exceed the requirements of the airline industry through technology advancements (Hall et al, 2003). (International Journal of Economic Practices and Theories, Vol. 2, No. 1, 2012 (January), e-ISSN 2247 – 7225 www.ijept.org )According to Peter Houlis (2015) there are advantages and disadvantages of a security camera in a hotel ProsConsIncreases security for your business and employeesPeople may have privacy concernsImproves safety and reduces crime rateMay create more work and jobs to fillTiny and non-obtrusiveCan require multiple devices, especially for larger facilitiesCan provide real-time dataNetworks must be able to handle large bandwidthInvestment typically pays for itselfLarge systems can be an expensive investment initiallyExtreme usability with monitors, emails and mobile appsTechnology can be vulnerable to hacker threatsCan reduce crime rate internally and externallyPotential cyber criminal breachesFlexibility, such as continuous 24/7 monitoringData overloadFlexibility, such as continuous 24/7 monitoringData overloadDemographics diversity(www.economicmodelling.co.uk/2018)The global population is gradually increasing and many have the time and money to travel and exploit hospitality services. According to the United Nations, population ageing is increasingly becoming one of the most important social, economic and demographic phenomena of our times. By 2030 the EU can expect 14% fewer workers and 7% fewer consumers as 2005. By 2050, the number of peo

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