ese strategies that pertain to marketing may not only fall into marketing itself. Some promotional strategies may also be connected with the promotions of institutions such as schools. School is one of our necessities since education itself is also a necessity especially nowadays. Education leads the whole society towards civilization and sophistication. It is education which fosters innovation in the whole community or society. It inculcates in human beings better characteristics, attitudes, behaviours and cognition. Without recognizing the importance of schools in society, the recognition of the importance of education would be incomplete. As education is inter-related with individuals’ growth and development in society; in the same way schools are inter-related with education, and hence for this reason, schools play a key role in spreading the light of education throughout the society. (Wolcott, 2003). In relation to the promotional strategies of markets in connection with the promotional strategies of schools, parents or guardians always sought or always look for good schools that can provide the best education for their children. In order to attract students, the schools are also ‘hands on’ or on its work in creating awareness about their institutions. Educators around the world now attend special seminars and conferences to give them direction and supervision in the marketing of education (Rotfeld, 1999). This states that not only markets and companies need promotional tools and strategies, but schools as well. Marketing of services especially education marketing has dramatically advanced from the previous ten years. The marketing plans focus on both students and institutional needs (Russell, 2005).?The word “marketing” used to be jargon confined to the business world and alien to higher education. Now, however, it is considered part of developing a knowledge society. Through marketing, there are different terms and strategies that are being discovered due to the goal that a business wants to reach.  (Ramachandra, 2010). Kotler and Fox noted that marketing is important to today’s institutions and that this has grown out of a mission to serve the community’s education needs (Mulnix, Cojanu, , 2011). There are a few tools which are used to attract  prospective students for recruitment towards institutions. Schools marketing communication or promotion is divided into two areas; one is traditional media promotion which includes advertising, publicity and electronic media. The second is direct mail promotion which include prospectus and brochures (Ivy, 2008).In line with this, Draganic (2016) mentioned that there are five marketing strategies to help increase a school’s enrolment though some terms or strategies mentioned are not known by most or everyone. One is (1) Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and/or Search Engine Marketing (SEM); these help potential students and parents find your school. Since they are searching for your school, it is believed that the school is one step closer in increasing its enrolees. Likewise, SEO and SEM Content establishes the creator as a thought-leader within their industry. Engaging and creating relevant content for your potential students and parents to read is a way for them to continue to return to your website and build a relationship with you or your institution. Once again, Social or specifically Social Media is mentioned. Seventy-eight percent (78%) in the US have social media accounts. Thus, using this strategy would have an impact on the population. In relation to the content that was mentioned, social media is a great channel to be used in distributing the content. Through this, you can easily send messages to your customers or audiences that live in certain locations or follow certain trends. It is believed that this allows you to be more strategic in promoting your school. And lastly, targeting; having a target audience together with the content, information and advertisements that they need will urge them in building trust and loyalty with your school. Promoting is the part or time when markets use their communication skills in a company so that the product or service will be successfully known by the targeted customers.  It can be considered as a key component since this is usually the thing that makes customers  aware of your product or service, be attracted to it, and gain the customer’s loyalty as well. Promotional strategies are the ways and means of attracting the (targeted) customers. Different companies and institutions implement various strategies to gain these customers. These strategies play a crucial role in the market since all companies are very competitive in terms of the sales of their product or service. It is not only the promotional strategies which are crucial but the timing as well; because it determines the effectiveness of the promotional strategies that are being used.  Yes, it may be considered crucial but it is also significant because in addition to improving the sales, it also helps the companies or institutions attract new customers while retaining the existing ones. Sales promotion can be considered as any strategy or activity intended to increase the business or trade and thereby boost  sales (Shimp. 2003). Meaning, promotions are also persuasive means of  communication with your customers. Though there are several new techniques that have emerged in the 21stcentury, Kokemuller stated that there are three staple methods of promotion which are namely: advertising, public relations and personal selling. In relation to what Kokemullerhas stated, in terms of school setting, marketing is the business of attracting parents and students to enroll in your school and retaining their loyalty and support as well. Public relations is about maintaining a favorable and good image and impression for your school. Marketing your school is a way of promoting your school. Making the students enrol in your school is critical to its existence. The greater number of students, the greater the chance that your school may be known or may have an impact in the community. Quaetapo(2014) mentioned that there are six elements in the marketingand public relations strategy of a school. These includeshared vision of a preferred future for your school, mission statement, clarification of your school’s unique features and key messages, honest appraisal of your school’s image and its position in the community, action plan that includes practical everyday activities, and ongoing monitoring, evaluation, reflection and improvement. These elements are used in promoting the school and which can also help the school to increase its enrollment. Ways to increase the number of enrolees include school promotional banners, calendars, flyers, personal business cards, school prospectus and yearbooks.

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