Under this system, those schools are included in which there are different subject teachers. Every subject teacher is provided a separate room which is fully equipped with necessary material aids and other equipments. The subject teacher teaches his students in the class room especially prepared for the particular subject.

This system was first introduced in New York in the twentieth century. Now this system is prevalent in all those schools which are under the education department. Generally, this system is found in VII, VIII and IX classes. The higher classes of primary schools are run according to this system.

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Traditional System of School Organisation:

Some change has taken place in the old system of single- room schools as well in the light of modern developments. In single-room schools, only one teacher teaches all the subjects in one room. Such schools are found in rural areas and interior regions.

Now according to changing traditions some change has taken place. In view of the number of students and the number of classes many teachers are appointed in place of one teacher and many rooms are provided in place of one room.

In one room one teacher teaches two or three classes. At some places one teacher and one room are provided for one class. These teachers are appointed on the basis of number of classes and not on the basis of subjects and this system depends upon the number of students. These teachers teach all the subjects to the classes placed under their charge.

In single-room schools the supervision is done by the teacher who is known as Teacher -Principal. In those schools where separate teachers are appointed for different classes one teacher is assigned supervisory duties and he is called supervising – Principal. This system is found in those schools where the enrolment is high.

Platoon Type Organisation:

Though this system was considered suitable for both secondary and primary stages, now it is prevalent in primary schools only. First of all this system was enforced in Indiana

State, but it developed remarkably in Detroit. This system came in vogue in the first decade of the current century but by the third decade it had developed sufficiently. By then this system had been adopted by 1068 schools in 202 towns of 41 states.

The special feature of this scheme is that it is economical, and it increases the efficiency and solves the problem of shortage of school buildings. Apart from being economical and more useful, it is also helpful in developing the personality of children and their individual interests and aptitudes.

Under this system all the children of the school are divided into 2 or 3 groups. When one groups studies in the class room, the other group keeps itself busy in games, exercises, tours, practical work and social services, and carries on activities in gymnasium hall, laboratory, auditorium and school shops.

After finishing the work the first group takes the place of the second group and the second takes the place of the first.

Administrative and Financial Control:

From the point of view of administrative and financial control, there are two types of schools in U.S.A. In the first type fall schools which are run and financed by religious organizations. In these schools religious instruction is imparted and Bible, religious treatises, Church system and religious programme form part of the curriculum.

The schools of second type are run by local bodies and local organizations. Their expenditure is met by public donations and tuition fees. These schools, unlike religious schools run by Catholics, are not much influenced by religion, though religious and moral instruction is imparted there.

These schools which are run by religious organizations and local bodies are known as private schools and are few in number. Another type of schools which are different from private schools is the Public Schools.

They are in large number and form the back-bone of American system of education. Their expenditure is met by public taxation and they are administered and controlled by public representatives.

It is a special feature of schools of U.S.A that guardians, teachers, officers and administrators co-operate in the administration of schools. Officers and principals provide such opportunities to parents, guardians and popular leaders as may acquaint them with the interests, aptitudes and the progress of students so that they may give their constructive suggestions. Thus parents, guardians, teachers, officers and public in general, all co-operate in making the school system more suitable, sound and modern.

The buildings and rooms of primary schools are fully equipped with modern facilities and equipment. Transport facilities are available to students. There is a provision for interesting subjects like painting, art, music and handicraft.

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