A man of character loves humanity and knows no distinction. His love for poor and the downtrodden goads him to work for their upliftment. Individuals possessing a good character are never rough and rude with elders and their humility does not allow them to feel ill about anything.

Such people are always keen on doing well for others and are always honest and sincere in their dealings with others. This is the reason why everyone believes in an individual possessing a good character and honours them in every walk of life.

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For a successful life, character building is essential and this should be cultivated from the early years of childhood because childhood is the period when the child can be moulded in any way that the parents desire. Child is actually a tender stem in the plant of life and can be turned to any side. If we cultivate the essential virtues of character in a child, he will certainly grow into an ideal or a man of high character.

The habits cultivated in him from a very early age become the part and parcel of his character and personality. Character is the virtue that provides a person with money, physical and spiritual powers thus leading him to glory. He or she becomes more glorious than any rich man, a scholar, an artist, a musician, an author or a ruler.

A rich man is honoured in his country only. A scholar, an artist, a musician or an author may be honoured within and without the country. But a man of character is revered within and without the country for all times. Mahavir, Ram, Krishna, Gautam Buddha, Guru Nanak are some significant examples of man of character.

A man of character brings happiness to all and his life becomes an example and precept for all the humanity. But character building is a continuous process. It cannot be built in a single day. One has to practice its elements and cultivate them into oneself every now and then.

Yudhisthir could learn the precept “Speak the truth” by a watchful continuous process in about six months. Character can be built best by studying noble men and their precepts and meditating upon them, keeping a good company, keeping a continuous watch on the evils, and making introspection.

This sounds a bit difficult but once you start feeling good and getting the benefits of possessing a good character both within yourself and the outside world, this practice will not seem to be difficult at all. When we start studying for our exams it is initially a bit difficult but when we pass the examination with good marks, thus getting fruitful results we simply adore the hard work we put up.

Same is the case with possessing a good character. Some might find it initially difficult but as soon as the outcome appears we appreciate the hard work we went through. We need to work really hard to achieve any good thing in life and achieving a good character is like hitting the jackpot. Every other good thing will follow.

It is essential to remember an important fact; building a good character is not tough but retaining it for a lifetime is a bit difficult. The life while possessing a bad character might seem easy from the outside but as soon as we take a peek inside it, it will appear to be full of thorns.

On the other hand possessing a life with good character seems to be difficult from outside but a close glance reveals the fact that peace of mind, body and soul exists with an individual possessing good character.

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