General Form of Public Schools:

Every student a resident of a hostel. Control of teacher or his representative monitors the students in all their activities throughout the day. Encouragement to the student for participating in sports and hobbies like swimming, wrestling, horse riding, photography, crafts, etc.

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Development of the feeling of co-operation, responsibility and competition. Division of students into houses. All resources available. No government aid. High salaries to teachers. Headmasters have full authority.

Merits of Public Schools:

Development of co-operation and responsibility in students. All facilities available. Ideals for other schools in some ways.

Demerits of Public Schools:

Against democratic traditions. Very expensive. Only children of rich persons can study in them. Students consider themselves superior to the students of other schools whether they are capable or not.

Problems Arising out of Public Schools:

1. Creation of a special class.

2. Neglect of the principle of equality.

3. Public schools responsible for the deteriorating general schools.

4. Complexity of language problem as English is medium of instruction.

Suggestion for Improvement in Public Schools:

1. Admission should be open to poor students also.

2. Their Indianisatdon necessary.

3. Sense of dignity of labour to be developed.

4. Expenditure should be reduced. Central and state financial help should be provided.

5. Their name should be changed to ‘Janta Schools’.

6. No compulsion of the knowledge of English, for admission.

7. Their pomp and show and luxurious ways should be stopped. Simple life should be encouraged.

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