For example, joint-family system is breaking down, undersirable changes have occurred in the attitude of the younger’s towards their elders, students do not show due respect to their teachers as students did twenty-five years ago, and the teachers also now care more for the increments in their salaries and other allowances than for teaching.

In any meeting of teachers, there is more talk of groupism, backbiting and salaries than of students’ welfare. Guardians do not respect teachers as they did before. Similarly, the relations between parents and children, sisters and brothers, husband and wife, masters and servants and between many other units of society have undergone great changes. Now we have begun to discard many old mores and modes and adopt more liberal attitudes. Thus, time and place have been changing many elements of culture.

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It is to be noted that like the cultures of many countries of the world, some of the elements of Indian culture too, are age old and seemingly eternal. During the foreign rules in the country these eternal cultural values were always ignored in the educational system. Educational systems as obtained during the Muslim and British periods are an eloquent testimony to this.

Many British documents clearly specify that their purpose was to ignore the Indian culture in the educational system with the view to inculcate in the Indians the values of the Western culture. For this, they introduced a particular system of education in the country. As a result, Indians began to lose faith and love for their own culture.

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