Polluted Sristi has been described in the following terms: It seems that all stars, planets, moon, sun, air, Agni and nature or directions have been polluted. Seasons also appear to work against the nature, Prithvi in spite of being full of its virtues has lost its rasa in all medicinal plants.

Medicinal plants are without original qualities and have been polluted. When such pollution will occur human beings will suffer from diseases. Due to pollution of seasons, several types of diseases will crop up and they will ruin the country.

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Therefore, collect the medicinal plants before the beginning of terrible disease and change in the nature of Prithvi”. The source of pradushana has been explained terms of non-adherence to the set norms of cleanliness, violation of maryada (code of conduct), etc.

Cleanliness was greatly stressed in the traditional thoughts. Cleanliness of body and mind are stressed as a weapon to ward off pradushan: Unless the body is kept scrupulously clean and free from toxic or morbid material, the procedures for revitalising and strengthening it will not be efficacious as the dirty clothes will not take proper colour.

Indian traditional thought stressed on the prohibition of any such activity which had the impact of disturbing the natural symphony or causing contamination of any of the elements of the earth. Anybody violating general norms of cleanliness and hygiene was liable to be cursed. Clearly tampering with the environment to generate disharmony was pradushana.

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