On the other hand, despite the increasing number of students, the income of higher institutions has proportionately gone down. In 1954-55 the income was Rs. 3,182 lakhs, in 1955-56 it was only Rs. 3,782 lakhs and in 1992 it happened to be only Rs. 8,763 lakhs.

The Radhakrishnan Commission (1948-49) and the Commission of 1964-66 after the study of economic conditions of various institutions suggested that the aid given by the government should be utilised only in certain spheres like the pay of teachers, study leave, pension, expansion of educational implements, buildings, hostels, libraries, laboratories, scholarships, vocational and technical training, etc.

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The government has started the implementation of some of these proposals. During the last few years grants were given for some of the spheres mentioned above and also for three years’ degree course and for extension programmes.

The government policy of sanctioning grants and aids needs some changes in order to affect some reforms in the set-up of higher institutions. The institutions should be informed about the amount of grant to be allotted at the beginning of the session so that they may prepare their budgets accordingly.

While sanctioning grants provision should also be made for casual and unforeseen expenditure along with the permanent heads of expenditure. Besides, for settling the financial disputes of private institutions a definite outline should be indicated to the managing body and in the case of a university, a non-official independent judicial committee should be constituted.

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