The Committee after examining the demands and enquiring into the issues, observed in its report that the general public was not prepared to accept the policy of primary education. As such, the old policy continued.

The Liberal Policy of the Baroda Ruler:

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In view of the utility of primary education, Maharaja Sayaji Rao Gaikwad, the ruler of Baroda State, introduced compulsory primary education in some 52 villages of his State. An Act was also passed in 1906 for the expansion of this scheme under which primary education was made compulsory for boys in the age group of seven years to twelve years and for girls in the age group of seven to ten years.

Efforts of Gopal Krishna Gokhale:

Inspired by the efforts of the Baroda ruler, Gopal Krishna Gokhale submitted a proposal in the Central Legislature to make primary education free and compulsory throughout India, but this proposal remained shelved for nearly a year.

Consequently, Gokhale introduced this proposal in the shape of a bill in the Central Assembly; the idea behind the bill was that with the sanction of the Government, the local bodies should make primary education for children of 6 to 10 years of age compulsory in those regions where the fixed numbers of children were available. Unfortunately in the absence of majority vote the bill could not be passed.

Efforts of Vitthal Bhai Patel:

The famous leader Vitthal Bhai Patel introduced a bill in the provincial legislative assembly of Bombay to make primary education compulsory within the municipal limits in Bombay province.

This bill fortunately got through and became an Act in 1918. The Act made its impact throughout the country and by 1930 primary education was made compulsory for the children between six to ten years of age throughout India.

The entire responsibility of compulsory education was handed over to local bodies and they were given the right to levy tax to meet expenditure on education.

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