3. The Education Minister will appoint a Parliamentary Secretary and other Officers. He will appoint a Central Advisory Council for England and another for Wales.

4. Local Education Authorities of counties will be termed as County Councils and those of the county Boroughs as County Borough Councils.

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5. The purpose of education will be to promote the physical, mental, moral and spiritual development of children. The Education Authorities (i.e. County Councils and County Borough Councils) will be chiefly responsible for this. They will arrange for the Primary, Secondary and Further education. Elementary education will be called now Primary education.

Primary education will be for children between 5 to 11 years of age, Secondary education for children between 11 td 15 years of age and Further education for boys and girls between 15 and 18 years of age. Primary and Secondary schools conducted by local education authorities will be called county schools. The manager of the Primary school will be called the Manager and that of the Secondary School, Governor.

6. Educational arrangements will be made according to the age, needs, interests and capacities of children. Primary and Secondary education will be given in separate buildings. The children between 2 and 5 years of age should be given Nursery education. Local Education Authorities should be responsible for the education of backward children.

7. Arrangements for hostels should be made.

8. The Local Education Authorities should send their education plans within the fixed time to the Education Minister for his examination.

9. Those schools which will not be under the control of Local Education Authorities will be called Voluntary schools. There will be three types of schools:

(1) Controlled (2) Aided and (3) Special Agreement Schools.

The Local Education Authorities will control the Controlled schools, but their Managers and Governors will be free in internal school matters. They will be free to appoint teachers and in matters of religious education.

The Aided schools will receive 50% help from the Local Education Authorities and their Managers and Governors will also be free to appoint teachers and in matters of religious education. The Special Agreement Schools will receive partial grants for repairing their school buildings.

10. The Education Minister will frame rules for the size and site of school buildings.

11. For those persons who have crossed the compulsory school age-limit, part-time and full-time Further Education will be arranged. The Local Education Authorities will be responsible for this.

12. From time to time the students will be medically examined. Distribution of milk and provision of lunch in the schools will be compulsory. Poor children will be given clothes free. At all the stages of education opportunities will be given for physical and social development and for recreation. The Local Education Authorities will ensure all these.

13. The children coming from distant places will be given transport facilities.

14. Education will be arranged according to desires of the guardians.

15. The Education Minister will appoint a Registrar for inspecting voluntary schools.

16. Students will be given scholarships and other help.

17. Arrangements will be made for research in education. The research centres will receive financial assistance from the Local Education Authorities.

18. Teachers will receive salaries according to the recommendations of the Burnham Committee.

19. The compulsory school age-limit will be raised from 15 to 16 as soon as the necessary facilities are available.

20. Mass-prayer and religious education will be compulsory for each child.

21. The Local Education Authorities will send the education budget every year to the Education Minister.

22. The institutions and schools giving Further Education will be given appropriate help.

The above provisions of the Act were openly criticised by the public. However, they have introduced good changes and reforms in education.

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