Private Schools:

Modern languages, mathematics, art, history and geography, etc. in the curriculum. Progressive methods of teaching. Students were made responsible for maintaining discipline. Education in domestic skills as well. Samuel Butler and Thomas Arnold tried to introduce reforms in Grammar Schools. Arnold wanted to make the teaching method more psychological.

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The Royal Commission of 1861:

To suggest means for reform of nine Public Schools.

The Public School Act of 1868:

Accepted the recommendations of the Royal Commission.

The School Enquiry Committee of 1864:

Submitted its report in 1868. Three types of schools to be established. Reorganisation of secondary education, Teacher’s Training and examination system.

Reorganisation of Secondary Education:

The Royal Commission and Enquiry Committee emphasised this. The Endowed Schools Act, 1869. The Effect of the First World War.

The Fisher Act of 1918:

Changes in the grant system, fees and Local Education Authorities. The industrialists did not co-operate. The Act could not succeed. ,

The Labour Party and Education:

To bring in social reforms through education.

The Hadow Committee Report of 1926:

Secondary Education for all the children between 11 and 15. Emphasised the establishment of Grammar Schools, Modern Secondary Schools and Senior Classes.

The Education Act of 1936:

To implement the recommendations of the Hadow Committee Report.

The Spens Report of 1938:

Classification of students on the basis of intelligence and performance tests.

The Norwood Committee of 1941:

Secondary education for all children of the country. Classification of students into three groups for giving education in three types of schools. Social disparities feared. Hence criticised.

The Fleming Committee of 1942:

To bring in harmony between general education and Public Schools which were to educate most children of all classes ‘A’ and ‘B’ types of schools. The public was not satisfied.

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