Some landforms are created by the action of wind, water, and ice. This action physically changes the Earth’s surface by carving and eroding land surfaces, carrying and depositing soil, sand and other debris. Crustal movement and other tectonic activity inside Earth create landforms; mountains, faults, sinks, and volcanoes. Landform, also known as topography which also refers to surface features of a nation/region /world, such as mountains, plains, deserts, rivers, waterfalls, beaches, tropical forests, etc.

Topology affects not only a country’s economic wealth, but culture, politics and social structure too. To a businessman, the product, its package and distribution will be highly influenced by physical and climatic variations, not one between the nations but also within a nation.

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Thus, if topological considerations are not kept in mind market analysis may go haywires. Topography can work as a product, as is the case with Maldives Islands, Thailand (Phuket), and India (Goa and Kashmir) to make money through tourism. In some cases the topography may also work as a constraint on a country’s economy as well as international business. Countries like Nepal, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, etc are landlocked and have to use ports of other countries to trade goods through sea routes.

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