Consequently in U.S.A. nursery schools, child education centres and kindergarten schools have been established by State and public for the education and care of children. Leaving their wards in those institutions for the whole day, parents attend to their work without any worry.

In their absence children learn practical things like eating, playing and fulfilling their natural needs at the proper time and get practical education through games and recreation.

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There is no definite age for admission to nursery schools. In some schools it is two or three years and in others it is four years. There are schools which admit children with the intention of providing protection to children because their parents cannot go out to work if they keep their children at home.

In this way, the age limit for admission to nursery schools and nursery centres is from 1 year to 4 years. There are about 4000 various types of nursery schools. These are still run by private agencies and have not tome under the public sector. These schools could be established’ only in big cities and in industrial centres though-every common family needs them.

In U.S.A. there are three types of nursery schools (i) Schools run by religious organisations (ii) Schools run by private agencies (iii) Schools run by local bodies or State Governments or Federal Government.

But the number of all such nursery schools is insufficient. In order to remove this shortage, local public has established Infant Education Schools at different places. These schools are known as Cooperative nursery schools.

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