The National Population Policy (NPP) 2000 and National Health Policy (NHP) 2002, states that there should be greater involvement of NGOs in the implementation of different health and family welfare programmes in the country.

There is a wide spectrum of Environmental NGOs categorical in terms of their specific fields, levels of operation and the extent to which they work to influence government. There are some groups which lobby for more stringent legislation and work to influence and inform public officials.

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Other groups specialize in research, training, public education, information dissemination, acquisition and management of protected areas, or convening of stakeholders in environmental conflicts. There are groups involved in urban-based educational programmes while others focus on ‘hands-on’ rural development at the grassroots level.

WWF India was the first NGO in India to promote nature conservation on a nationwide basis at a time when this was regarded as an eccentric elitist whim. Through its Conservation Action Support Programme (CASP), WWF India supports grass-roots level activities taken up by the smaller NGOs. Since 1984, WWF India has been a part of the Environmental Information System (ENVIS) of the Ministry of Environment and Forests.

The Spectrum of ‘Missions’ as Provided By the Different Listed NGOs Ranges from:

i. Promoting environmental education

ii. Conducting awareness camps

iii. Safeguarding environment through social mobilization and community participation

iv. Biodiversity and Wildlife conservation

v. Promotion of renewable energy

vi. Various other research activities and movements

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