The system of women’s education, its curriculum and programme are the same as prescribed for men’s education. The progress so far achieved clearly shows that still greater success could have been attained if the subjects of study were changed to suit the taste and temperament of women. Women’s education has some of its own problems at each stage and their solution is very necessary.

No parents should have any objection to co-education at the primary stage. Even then, for adopting an education system suited to women’s needs more and more ‘girls’ schools should be opened in the country and particularly in rural areas.

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Difficulties may arise in co-education at the secondary stage, because many parents do not consider it proper that adolescent boys and girls should study together. So separate education of boys and girls is a social necessity.

Many parents are indifferent towards the education of their adolescent girls. There is also a section of people who despite their desire to educate their girls do not think it proper to send them to schools because their social norms forbid it.

The ideas of such persons should be changed. Besides, such arrangements should be made as to enable these girls to receive education at their homes and appear for examinations.

Women who, due to some or the other reasons cannot get education and those housewives who want to earn a living or supplement their income through education will also derive benefit by such an arrangement.

Educational facilities need expansion in the sphere of higher and vocational education, too. The strength of various services is increasing and opportunity exists for the absorption of more and more women in these services.

There are a number of government and non-government services for which only women are found suitable. According to the targets fixed under the national development plans a large number of women’s services are needed.

A large number of trained lady teachers will be required for the expansion of women’s education. Trained lady teacher’s services will also be required in vocational training. For meeting this huge demand of trained lady teachers, institutions providing higher education and training should be established soon.

It is also to be noted that lady teachers have been found to be more suitable than the male teachers in teaching boys and girls of tender age. This is because lady teachers handle young children with great care as it suits their natural temperament.

The result is that in the nursery and primary schools the demand of lady teachers has gone up. Necessary arrangements should, therefore, be made to provide more facilities for trained lady teachers for this particular job.

Reasonable pay and facilities should, therefore, be provided to attract more educated women to the profession of teaching. Proper residential arrangements should be made for women teachers in rural areas so that they may not remain indifferent towards the education of girls studying in rural areas.

Adult women may easily be employed to teach in rural areas after they have been educated and trained for the job. Besides, earning money, education will help women to discharge their duties towards the family, society and the country in a more efficient manner.

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