2. Tamilnadu:

Books were nationalized here but the distribution of books was placed m the hands of book­sellers.

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3. Kerala:

Books were nationalized in this State also. But in 1958-59 a committee was organised to enquire if the nationalisation has not been used for propagating communistic ideas. The committee in the report revealed that such an effort was made through nationalization of text-books. So the nationalization of books was stopped there.

4. Orissa, Maharashtra and Gujarat:

No significant efforts have been made for nationalization of text-books in these States.

5. Bihar:

In this State, school books have been completely nationalized. The profit earned through sale of books is used for the welfare of poor students.

6. Punjab:

School books have been completely nationalized in this State.

7. Uttar Pradesh:

All the books upto junior high school has been nationalised.

8. Rajasthan:

A Board has been established for nationalization of school books. Deputy Secretary of Education Department, a member of Revenue Board, Secretary of Finance, Director of Education, an officer of Civil services or an officer of the rank of Director of Education are the members of this Beard.

The return from the nationalization of books is very good and for this a Reviewer Board and High Power Committee have been established.

Their establishment has facilitated the work of nationalization. The Reviewer Board consists of renowned educationists as members. The members of High Power Committee are a judge of High Court, a member of Rajasthan Service Commission and the Chairman of Nationalization Board. The decision of Reviewer Board is sent to the High Power Committee -for approval.

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