The Curriculum of the Grammar Schools:

In the beginning the word Grammar was used for establishments where classical languages were taught. Therefore, classical languages were given special place in its curriculum. These languages were considered as keys to further knowledge.

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In England, Latin occupied a special place in the curriculum. Upto the eighteenth century there was not much difference between the curriculum of Endowed and Grammar Schools. In both such schools Latin and Greek enjoyed a special status.

But in the Merchant Taylors School Hebrew, too, was taught. Later; an attempt was made to change the curriculum of these schools. In 1805, it was decided that a modern language and subjects like mathematics will be taught in the Grammar Schools of Leeds.

But in spite of the Grammar School Act of 1840 no changes could be effected in the curriculum. According to the Act of 1840 the headmaster was empowered to introduce any subject in the curriculum.

But he had no power to compel the teachers to teach them. This was one of the reasons due to which the Grammar Schools were subjected to bitter criticisms. Sidney Smith and Locke drew the attention of the public to the defects of Grammar Schools.

Discipline in the Grammar Schools:

The discipline in the Grammar Schools and their management were not satisfactory. Hostels and their kitchens were not well organised. Discipline was maintained through fear. Strict corporal punishment was given. The headmasters of these schools were famous for inflicting cruel punishments.

There was no good arrangement for physical and social development of the students. The students were not helped to use their leisure hour in healthy pursuits. Some boarding houses had become centres of gambling, drinking and other corrupt practices. Of course, some Grammar schools were free from these evils.

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