The approval of the Education Minister is necessary on the decisions taken by these Local Educational Authorities. The elections in Councils of Counties and County Boroughs are organised on political basis.

Hence, they have a direct bearing on the national educational policy. It should be kept in mind that irrespective of control exercised by a particular political party within the area of a certain Education Authority it is extremely difficult to effect a basic change in the educational policy already implemented.

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Evidently, the Local Education Authority, anywhere in the country, has to function in the strict adherence to the general educational policy laid down by the Parliament. The Local Education Authority organises an education office which is manned by persons belonging to the area autonomy.

The Director of Education is the Chief Education Officer. Besides, there are other administrative and executive officers to perform certain duties with the help of clerks. This education office has departments for Primary, Secondary and Further Education. The Education Minister has a hand in the appointment of the Chief Education Officer, i.e. the Director of Education.

The Education Minister examines the particulars of all those candidates who are aspirants for the post of Director of Education. The Education Minister has a power to reject the candidature of any person who may be considered as unfit.

It is a constitutional necessity that there will be a Director of Education, a Chief School Medical Officer and a Chief School Dental Officer appointed by the Local Education Authority.

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