If parents are not familiar with child psychology, they are unable to bring up their children according to their needs.

In order to meet this need research and guidance centres have been established under the health department of the States. Clinics also meet this need. Other private organisations also provide knowledge of child psychology to parents. In spite of all this, there is a great need of their expansion.

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Nursery Education:

Among the children of 1 to 3 years of age, the satisfaction of the gregarious instinct and the development of qualities like cooperative spirit are achieved through the medium of games and recreation. The atmosphere of these schools is homely where children pass their time pleasantly even without the presence of their parents.

These schools are run by local boards, city education boards, cooperative organizations and private agencies in vocational and industrial centres. Co-operative nursery schools are most important.

They are administered and financed by the local public. State governments also give grants. Parents take interest in the programmes of these institutions and visit the schools every now and then to give co-operation to teachers.

Kindergarten Education:

Generally children in the age group of 3 to 6 are admitted in these schools. Kindergarten education is considered to be post-nursery education. Kindergartens prepare children for primary education.

They develop the personality of the child by inculcating desirable qualities in them. They are run by state governments, local boards, social organizations and private agencies. State governments and local boards give those directions and various programmes as well as financial assistance for the implementation of the programmes.

At various places public Kindergartens have been established. Public is mainly responsible for their administration and development. The Government tries to maintain the educational level through departmental experts.

A special teacher is appointed for the supervision of these schools as well as for approving their programmes. More than 25, 00,000 children get education in private and public Kindergartens. There is still a great demand for their expansion.

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