Although this progress may not look impressive yet in view of financial difficulties satisfaction may be expressed over it. But during this period the desire to get higher education had become so strong amongst students that it became a problem for the nation as to how to make provision for everyone who desires to pursue higher education.

However, by the end of the 7th Plan, i.e., by the year 1992, nearly 21 lakh students had been receiving education at the various levels of higher education.

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Due to inability to admit all students in universities the practice of granting affiliation to colleges has been revived. Prior to independence, during the early period of development of higher education there were some colleges affiliated to universities? But later on this practice was given up by many of the universities, but now this practice has been revived.

The system of granting affiliation has to be revived for the expansion of higher education and even the Government administered universities have also been permitted to grant affiliation to colleges falling within a certain area of the university jurisdiction.

Besides the system of affiliated colleges, another scheme for establishing unitary universities has been implemented. Such universities are being established in bigger cities. With the establishment of such universities, whereas on the one hand, proper educational atmosphere, extra-curricular activities, better character building, closer relationship between the teacher and the taught will develop, on the other hand, there is a likelihood that other bigger colleges in the vicinity will suffer.

As such, while establishing these unitary universities it will be desirable to turn big colleges themselves into such universities so that its establishment may not adversely affect other colleges.

In view of the present great demand and the development of secondary education facilities for higher education will have to be extended. Hence new colleges are being opened and they are being granted affiliation by the various universities in the country.

According to the recommendations of Rural Higher Education Committee, the proposal to turn some rural institutions into rural universities has been accepted. In such cities where a number of colleges are running successfully, it has been proposed to establish federal universities. Some universities like the Agriculture Universities, Rudrapur,

Sanskrit University, Varanasi, Sanskrit University, Mithila Engineering University, Roorkee, Agricultural Research Institute, Delhi and others have been established for pursuing the study of specialised subjects.

It is envisaged that more universities of the nature will be established in the near future. For this purpose places like Ahmadabad, Tatanagar, Sewagram and some others have been considered suitable.

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