The prevailing pattern of education is defective and not suitable to local conditions. On account of these obstacles, only partial success could be achieved against the targets of the various Five Year Plans.

Schemes of Educational Reforms: The fixed targets having remained unfulfilled in the first two Five Year Flans, Planning Commission decided to achieve them during the other successive Plans. It has, therefore, become necessary to think over some main problems.

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The schools should be started after a proper survey and nearer to localities. The education should be in accordance with the local needs and many-teacher-schools should be opened instead of single-teacher schools. Untrained teachers should be appointed in place of trained as long as the shortage of trained teachers exists.

These persons may gradually be trained. The teachers should be posted nearer their homes. The schools should be held in two shifts, if the number of students is large. In the absence of proper buildings the schools may be opened in any building that may be available.

Subjects relating to local industries should find place in the course. The teachers should be given education in citizenship and social science, besides other subjects.

The educational officers while behaving with the public in a cordial manner should also make efforts for enlisting their co­operation. Necessary reforms should be introduced after research. Thus, introducing changes in the existing pattern and with the help of government and public co-operation, the targets of primary education may be achieved.

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