The Antioch College of Ohio State trains those teachers and counselors who work in industrial or vocational areas instead of educational areas. These persons after teachers’ or counselors’ training guide persons who are in search of a vocation or occupation and thus given vocational guidance.

Such a provision embodies the feeling of social service that a person of any other sphere may give useful counseling and vocational guidance during leisure hours to other persons It is a part of national youth welfare plan in which a person gives the benefit of his abilities and skills to others. Thus the coming generation is able to get capability and direction for entering the vocational sphere.

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This work is conducted through camp-system in which the teachers of Antioch College actively participate. The teachers move from one camp to another in order to fulfill their responsibility. Such work refines their attitude and feeling of service and opens avenues for solving the problems of the youth. This provision helps in the higher college education as well. According to the ‘Camp System’, the teachers are divided into two groups.

If one group works at the camp centres, the other group conducts educational programmes in the college premises. When these groups have completed the assigned work, they replace each other and complete their respective assignments.

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