Similar observation has been made by Kenneth W. Thompson “Much of the literature of international politics is a dialogue, explicit or not between Moregenthau and his critics”.

Other scholars emphasizing the concept of power in the field of international relations include E.H. Cam George Schwarzen Berger, Qunicy Wright and Martin Wright.

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However, as Prof. Mohinder Kumar observes “even among the realist writers, Hans Morgenthau occupies the most prominent place” or as Ghazi A.R. Algosaibi says ‘Realism and Morgenthauism have been synonymous.”

This approach focuses on units of interaction in the International relations. It is called realism because it emphasizes the importance of national interest and power as a means to attain or further those interests.

Each nation is continuously involved in a struggle for power with other nations. The objective always is to secure national interest by means of power.

This, according to Morgenthau, is a natural and incontrovertible fact of relations among nations and hence very crucial for the understanding of international politics.

Hence, this is also called power approach defined by Morgenthau as “man’s control over the minds and actions of other men.”

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