The diversification of the curriculum has been made on the basis of the recommendations of these committees and commissions. Some of these committees and commissions, along with their recommendations for the reform of secondary education are discussed below.

Narendra Deo Committee, 1939:

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The appointment of this Committee was made during the British period and it was this Committee which, for the first time, recommended diversification of the curriculum. The Committee recommended that the students be given the facility of opting for subjects of their interest.

In order to make the curriculum practical and helpful in life, the Committee recommended its classification into four groups so that every student may get an opportunity to develop his knowledge of the subjects of his liking.

These four groups are (a) literary (b) scientific (c) constructive and (d) aesthetic. The students can opt for any one of these groups. The committee also suggested examining the aptitude and fitness of a student for a particular subject.

Tara Chand Committee, 1948:

The Tara Chand Committee made the following two important recommendations:

(1) Secondary schools should be made multilateral, and

(2) Appointment of a commission to examine the entire secondary education structure.

The Committee, in view of the local conditions and time also recommended that indifference should not be shown towards unilateral schools.

Narendra Deo Committee, 1952-52:

The recommendations of the Committee headed by Acharya Narendra Deo were as follows:—

(1) Multi-purpose secondary schools should be opened in large numbers for providing facility of studying subjects of one’s choice.

(2) In order to make secondary education more useful, the curriculum should be made more practical.

(3) The Committee suggested the expansion of technical education for the economic development of the country.

(4) The Committee gave important suggestions for psychological examination of students and their guidance.

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