In every State in America, local administrative unit of one type or the other may be found. Except Delaware State where educational administration is in the hands of the State Government, all the States have local administrative units.

Twelve Southern States have County Boards for the control and organisation of education. In 9 States, like New England, State Township or town people control public schools. School Districts are found in Western and Mid-West States.

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Some States have been divided into County Boards and Local Boards both. In rest of the States, education is organised and controlled by Local Boards. The nature of Local administration of education is wholly influenced by geographical conditions, culture, civilization and local atmosphere. And, therefore, the local administrative units are not similar in every state in U.S.A

The administrative units of densely populated States are not bigger than the units of thinly populated States. So, these units in Southern States are big. In the beginning, population increased in towns and schools were established there. These schools were administered by town administrative units.

These units organised education in the nearby areas also. But no sooner did the people begin to settle in rural areas, they established One-Room Schools which were complete and independent units in themselves.

The number of students in these schools was only from 10 to 49—far less than the numbers in Town schools. Only one teacher taught all the subjects at different levels.

But with the development of means of transport and communication, education expanded in rural areas. One room-school was united to make bigger schools and the administrative units of the bigger schools were expanded. One room school in isolated areas was consolidated.

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