2. Sources of Income:

There are two kinds of sources (a) Private sources and (b) State sources.

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(a) Private Sources:

Endowments, fees, donations for immediate expenditure, donations and gifts in the form of scholarships and other such amounts.

(b) State Sources Income:

State grants, land grants, income tax, nominal fees, and private donations are the State sources of income.

3. Sources of Income of Private Universities:

(a) Endowment:

Received in the form of movable and immovable property and money received as a result of increase in production from time to time.

(b) Tution fees:

Tution fees are higher in private colleges than in State institutions.

(c) Donations for immediate expenditure:

Money paid by guardians for the education of their wards, donations given in memory of loved ones, and annual scholarships.

Organisation of University:

The representative elected by Council of Trustees is the President or Vice-Chancellor of the University. Formulation of all the financial and administrative policies is done under his president ship.

University Faculty System:

Every subject has a faculty. The chief of the faculty is the dean. The faculties are sometimes divided into sub-faculties and divisions and the programmes of these groups and divisions are conducted by inter-faculty and inter-sub-faculty in charges.

University and College Systems:

Liberal Arts Colleges, under-graduate colleges, graduate level colleges fall under this system.

Administration and Students:

The head of the department pays attention to the report of students’ union in Liberal Arts Colleges. Old degree-holder students of the college are informed of the annual accounts of income and expenditure.

Students Life:

Student life depends on educational aims according to the educational atmosphere. Hostels are provided for the all-round development of students.

Courses and Holidays:

Courses are wide. There is a freedom of choice of subjects. Semester is of 15 weeks.

Examinations and Grades:

Evaluation is on the basis of marks obtained but grades are awarded on the basis of marks obtained, e.g. the grades A, B, C, D, E are based on percentages of marks.

Women Education System:

In the beginning co-education was not common. Even now there are separate institutions for boys and girls. Now co-education is prevalent.

Fees, Scholarships and Other Facilities:

Scholarships, remuneration and loans are customary in America. The students are free to do extra work.

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