Recently I have been having a great deal of bad luck and many problems with my life. Firstly I me and two of my friends where sacked today from the Birling factory, I barley did any wrong, is it too much too ask for a petty pay rise? All I asked is that my wages be increased from twenty-two and six to twenty five shillings a week. After all, I was right to ask for a pay rise as I was struggling to survive on what that spiteful man was paying me, thanks to him I am now unemployed and homeless.

I have no body to fall back on financially as I have no parents, husband, or any relatives. I am now horrified that I will not have enough money to provide food and have no money for lodgings. I also fear that it may take me a long while to find other employment, if any at all. Today I applied for a new job at milwards hat shop; this is my chance to finally bring in a decent amount of money. I will be attending the interview tomorrow with a bit of luck I will impress the employers at milwards.

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I sincerely hope this is where my pitiful life turns around. I am going to my job interview today. I am unbearably nervous, I desperately need this job. I got the job! I can’t believe it, after all this bad luck I have finally been given a break. Soon I will be able to afford a place to stay and be I’ll be in a nice warm bed. This is ridiculous, how can anybody be this unlucky? I think I must be cursed, yet again I have been sacked and it was not through any fault of mine.

Miss Birling came into Milwards and tried on a hat, she was wearing it incorrectly and became frustrated; it was all quite funny really. I told her how to wear the hat but Sheila made me laugh, then she caught me smirking and she was furious. She made a complaint to my boss who was not impressed so I was discharged from Milwards. Once again I am unemployed, homeless, starving and desperately in need of money, and fast. I thought of how I could make easy money, quickly and the only thing that I could think of was prostitution.

So I made my way down to the palace variety bar, where I bought a drink ant sat down seeking work. Not so long after I sat down, a large, foul-mouthed man stumbled over and tried to sit on my lap, he was extraordinarily squiffy. Just as I was about to surrender to this man, a strong gentleman threw him off of me, I thought that this was extremely considerate of him so I invited him to sit down with me. We got discussing things and he soon told me that his name was Gerald. We talked for a while, then he invited me to come back to his place but I refused.

I told him that I would head back to my place, but obviously I did not have a house, or even anywhere to claim was mine. So being the kind, generous chap he was he insisted that he would not leave me alone until I was home safe, so he called a cabbie to take me home, when the cabbie stopped I had to tell him the truth. When I told Gerald that I was homeless he seemed surprised, but he generously offered me a place to stay at his flat. I was astounded when Gerald handed me they key to his magnificent apartment; he told me that the flat was mine.

As tine passed me and Gerald developed a relationship, it’s wonderful, I couldn’t be happier; if only he wasn’t in a relationship with Sheila we could make a serious go of it. Gerald has made it clear who is true feelings lie with, and they don’t lie with me, I can’t believe this is the end of something that could have been so great. The weeks where slowly passing, and I was feeling ever so lonely until one bitter night I met a young man in the local fish shop, he clearly, heavily drunk as he struggled to mumble his name, he was called Eric.

We shared the same tram home, but he could not pay for his fair, because the conductor did not have enough change, so I offered to pay for his ticket. Eric was in too much of a state to be alone, so I invited him back to the flat; we had a couple of drinks and got talking, one thing led to another and the next morning I found myself laying next to Eric. I told Eric to leave, and he soon left the flat in a hurry, and that was the last time I saw Eric. A few weeks later, I felt strange, and I couldn’t shake the feeling that I was pregnant!

Turns out that it wasn’t just a feeling, I am pregnant! How could I of let this happen, I suppose it is partially my fault, but I barely know that stupid drunk imbecile. I have decided to keep the baby, it is going to be a struggle financially and it’s going to be difficult to raise a child on my own, so I will have to ask for financial backing. I heard that Mrs Birling ran a charity committee, offering money for people in need, so I reached out to her for help. I told her my name was Birling, she took this very offensively and refused me any support.

I now don’t know what to do; I am sick and tired of being on my own, I am cold lonely and ever so hungry, I am expecting a child and have no money at all to raise it with, it would be cruel to bring a child into this bitter life I have, when even I myself can’t go on like this. Show preview only The above preview is unformatted text This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Miscellaneous section.

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