Evaluation of Project plan and process:According to the Cambridge dictionary, Culture refers to “the way of life, especially the general customs and beliefs, of a particular group of people at a particular time”. Media consists of multiple advertisements which promote products and services that allow people to attain the ideal body image. We used this project as an opportunity to convey that all body types and shapes should be accepted. We all decided that the best outcome to depict this aim would be in a video format. The video would supported with results of a survey that was distributed online to evidence how people thought about the perfect body image. It didn’t take us much time to decide on our roles as a team member since we divided the tasks according to how skilled one was at each task. The research was done by all four members which led to excessive information, however, it added up to our knowledge, for example,I learnt what people in western countries view the perfect body image as and how different it was from our perspective. The rest of the work was divided into parts like editing the video, concluding the results of the survey through a powerpoint presentation and writing the script. An awareness programme was carried out by our group, in which we showed our outcome to our classmates. This helped us receive more feedbacks about our project too. Some members were frequently absent during the class times, which made it difficult to cooperate as a team at times.The plan of the project was a little messy as we were struggling to work according to it but we did manage to complete it all in time. This could’ve been avoided by focusing more on meeting the deadlines on time. Evaluation of Project Outcome:We chose the outcome as a video as it would be easy to include multiple mediums in our video such as charts and ppts .However, all the research was done in text format, making it difficult to include it in the video.We couldn’t use quotes to prove different perspectives which was a little difficult as we were used to quote sources in our previous reports. Interviews were added to provide a variety of perspectives from all around the world. Pie charts with the analysis of the survey results were also included. We used pie charts as it is easier to compare and analyse and the results. It was also challenging for us to transfer and share different types of files with each other since not all types of files were compatible with our devices. In spite of that, we still managed to figure out ways of solving the problems. We didn’t have a microphone, which made it difficult for the viewers to hear what we were saying, so our voice had to be raise for it to be heard over the unnecessary ambient noise. Although this project was quite challenging, we were happy with the outcome of the whole video.Evaluation of my own contribution and Learning:All the members of the group decided on project’s lead question and aim together. I had taken the responsibility of making the pie charts based on the results of the survey as I was best at it. It took me two weeks to get everything together in a presentable manner. I assisted in writing, speaking and recording the voice overs which were used for analysing the different perspectives. We had divided the script in the outro so everyone would get a chance to speak, it was quite tricky for me at first, but I soon adapted to it. I also contributed in completing the chart.I had tried my best to collect interviews with a national perspectives but I was unable to do that because my friends had their exams going on.  Some of the skills that I obtained include being able to record the videos without the unnecessary noise. I figured out how to convert the files according to the formats required by the editing software. I acquired the skill to make online surveys and distribute it from a group member.During my research, I found numerous facts about how the world views the perfect body. I learnt that in some tribes in Africa, like the Ko tribe from Burkina Faso, people were found attractive if they had scars on their bodies. It was a common practice for them to go under the process of scarification, however nowadays, this process is fading away due to the change in fashion trends in the society. “It was a way of making them appear as brave and experienced but now it just makes them look ugly.”I was enlightened by the fact that in Asian countries like South Korea, people cannot get a decent job just because they don’t meet the standards of perfection, which makes it “a common practices for normal people to go for plastic surgeries at an early age, as early as just 15 years old, just so that they can endure their perfect appearances for a longer time!” People consume the worst diet plans in a few of these places just so they can fit into their favourite clothes that are only produced in one size. Through the survey, I got to know that many people found the media’s perception of perfection quite unreasonable. However it didn’t stop people from still trying to harm themselves to fit in the beauty standards adorned by the society. All this compelled us to spread awareness on how we shouldn’t judge people based on their appearances.

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