Ever imagined the reality of having with you a portable multitasking device? Worry no more, We found a device for you. Be it gaming, streaming movies in HD, listening to music as you shop online, drawing, photoshop or excel. No slugs just high performance.The Cenovo Mini Pc is the ideal gadget for you. This is a dual os mini pc integrated with a TV Box that boasts of high performance and multi-functionality. It is a well and uniquely designed mini pc with high-end features of a computer and the latest product of Gearbest. A highlight of the key features includes a pre-installed Windows 10 Operating System that runs on a 64-bit quad-core processor up to 2.4 GHz speeds. For the Android version, it is available in android 4.4 and above with a DDR3 2GB or 4GB ram and 32GB or 64GB ROM, depending on your choice, for gaming, surfing the web, live media streaming among other uses giving a high-performance output.The dual os mini pc is light and smallest of its kind making it exquisite and unique. Another mind-blowing fact about the gadget is that it is packed with an Intel HD Graphics which allows the view of high definition pictures and videos of up to 4K quality. Who doesn’t want to bring out life in their HD viewing experience via a mini computer? Deinterlacing performance is good as well as framerate switching for correct playback of videos It also supports TF card up to 64GB, IEEE 802.11b / g/ n WiFi enabling a wireless connection to the world around you, be it in the office, at home, at the hotel or any enterprise with a wireless connection. The upload and download speeds are 21.6Mbps and 20.3Mbps respectively on the 2.4GHz band. The mini Pc is Bluetooth 4.0 enabled for easy pairing with Bluetooth enabled devices(keyboard, mobile phones, computer, and sound systems).Other features of the dual OS computer include 4 USB ports for keyboard, mouse, external USB drive or USB stick(1 USB port is 3.0 for faster USB transfer speeds), an HDMI port for connection with an HDMI cable supported screen be it a TV, projector or any screen,  an Ethernet connection port which supports upload and download speeds of around 89Mbps both ways. The mini pc would go very well with a pair of earphones for personal use, HDMI cable for connection to external screens available around you. With the Windows 10 installed, this would come in handy whereas your friends watch a game you can play an Xbox game on another screen. Portable wireless devices such as Bluetooth keyboard and mouse would be the ideal gadgets to use with this type of computer.A look into the box you will get 1 Piece of Cenovo Mini Pc unit, a power adapter, HDMI Cable and an English Instruction Manual.

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