wonder how you could predict the effect on the equilibrium of a system when you
change its pressure/temperature/volume? Well due to le chatelier’s principle
created by Henry Louis Le Châtelier and his colleagues this is possible. Born
on October 8, 1850 in Paris, France.  Henry
was the eldest sibling and was born into a roman catholic family. During his youth
he went to many schools like the Collège Rollin where got his degrees, and
later went into École des Mines where he entered their mining engineering program
from which he graduated in the late 1800’s. After he graduated from the
university of École des Mines, Henry got married to Geneviève Nicolas and together
they had three boys, and four girls. Around the 1870’s Henry returned from his
work as a mining engineer to become a chemistry lecture in École des Mines. During
the years he spent as a chemistry lecture he was conducting experiments with
explosive materials and published his findings. With his findings he was able
to improve in measuring high temperature which was based on the thermocouple
principle. Later on , Henry started his experimental study on thermodynamics
and in 1880’s he created a general principle that’s states how a system in equilibrium
can stay in equilibrium, he stated “any system in stable chemical equilibrium,
subjected to the influence of an external cause which tends to change either
its temperature or its condensation (pressure, concentration, number of
molecules in unit volume), either as a whole or in some of its parts, can only
undergo such internal modifications as would, if produced alone, bring about a
change of temperature or of condensation of opposite sign to that resulting
from the external cause” (Encyclopedia Britannica, 2018 ). This later became known as le chatelier’s
principle. Soon afterward, he applied the science of thermodynamics into a industrial
process for example he stated that if they were to increase the ammonia
production they should be using low heat in high pressure. Le chatelier also improved oxyacetylene
torch which is used in cutting metals.

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