country around the world has got its own educational system that is different
from others. Because of the
importance of the education, it has become a priority of the most people, so some people believe that the government should spend more money on
education while others contend that the current level of spending is adequate.
This essay will argue that the three-main point of education should be a
priority for government spending, even more than health, transport, and defence
which are education leads to develop the societies, the higher education prices
have risen, and education improves economies.


          First of all, increase spending for education
leads to develop the societies. The countries
that have sophisticated education systems are developed such as western
countries and Japan. These countries focus on the
education as a priority in the past which helps them to make educated the
citizens, so the education is one of the most reason for developing and
growing the countries. Also, finance
has a big impact in improving education , by making a continuos access to it.
(Radzi, Ghani, Siraj & Afshari, 2013). However, governments need to prioritize their spending. Administrations of governments around the world must
balance their priorities and where to specify money. This is often being between
infrastructure, health care, transport, defence and education.

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         Secondly, the higher
education prices have risen more than the other prices in the
economy such as health and the transport. The
university fees and the living have become high especially for these people
who are middle-income, therefore they cannot pay the fees, or they may take a loan from banks which they will face financial
problems in the future, so it is important for the government to aid the education. On the other hand, many consider that the governments waste
money in unnecessary education’s aspects that
is because the education financing has focused on the
hardware facilities such as classrooms, desks and chairs rather than
spending on the software. (Alinda, 2016).


      Lastly, education
improves economies. Education develops the human capital inherent in works
and jobs which increases labour productivity and gets new knowledge on new
technologies, products, and processes promotes growth, so it will increase the quality of health aspect and other
aspects of the economy. Therefore, the government
should underpin the education to boost the health, transport and defence. Nevertheless, some
countries with bad infrastructure and their heath facilities is deteriorating
need to aid the infrastructure for increasing the living quality. People’s live is extremely important thus some believe
that the countries and governments must support the
health as a highest priority more than the education.


conclusion, it is necessary to note that education may need aid to improve the
quality of education system. In addition, some people say that the mainly role for the governments is protecting
citizens, their lands and political interests. In
my opinion, the governments and the countries should balance their spending in
unnecessary aspects such as buying weapons by millions of dollars and focus in
how to get better in the education and health.     




 Alinda, V.
(2016, June. 13). There’s need to allocate more funds to education. Retrieved from


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M.F.A., Siraj, S. & Afshari, M. (2013, July). Financial Decentralization in
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