Every parent wants the best for their children. They want to see them grow physically and mentally. Preschool has been designed to build a solid foundation which a child will grow on. Recent research has shown that children who attended a preschool perform better later on. This is because preschool prepares a child for what lies ahead.

There are a lot of factors parents need to consider before enrolling their child in a preschool. For starters, they have to look at the curriculum, so as to gain insight into what their child is going to be learning. Also, parents need to consider the tuition fee of the preschool they plan to enrol their child. But while considering this, they have to keep it at the back of their mind that a quality preschool can boost a child’s performance as they grow up.

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In this article, we are going to take a deep dive into the role preschool plays in a child’s development.

Is preschool really important?

Some parent bear the notion that preschool is not that important and can be ignored. But a report from one of the deans in (HGSE) Harvard graduate school of Education said otherwise. The dean elaborated on how preschool exposed children to letters of the alphabet, shapes, and numbers which is the foundation with which the child will build on and learn other complex things in the future. The dean also added that preschool creates a perfect opportunity for children to socialize and know how to get along with other children. Even more, they will be taught the importance of teamwork, sharing and contributing.

Recent statistics taken from children who attended preschools shows the important role it plays in a child development.

The statistics that were taken by the (NIEER) and shows that children who attended good preschools have strong reading skills, can solve basic mathematics problem and they have a very rich vocabulary especially when compared to children who did not attend preschool.

The report stated above shows how important preschool could be and why it should not be ignored by parents. Every parent that wants their child to do very well physically, socially and mentally should ensure that they enrol their child in a preschool.

Children who did not attend a preschool struggle in class. They find it difficult to comprehend. This is obviously because they don’t have a good learning foundation.

It is critical that every child enjoys mingling with other children before they start kindergarten, and preschool is the perfect venue for this. You see, preschool teaches a child how to be a student in a less formal way. There, children will learn how to share their thoughts and feelings, raise their hands when they have a question and also to take turns during an activity.

Basically, preschool prepares a child for the kindergarten. Most kindergarten teachers can attest to the fact that preschools figuratively makes a child become like a sponge, ready to absorb, ready to learn, to grow and reach new heights.

What exactly will a child learn in an international preschool?

One of the most important things children are thought in preschools is how to socialize with other kids. Later on, they are taught how to be respectful, build their confidence, explore and learn how to do things on their own and play with their friends.

Good preschools can help children learn to find answers to their questions through experimentation as well as exploration. These methods are effective because children learn more not when they sit down and are taught something, but through activities, they find interesting.

The bottom line is that, parent should never ignore preschool, because it plays a very important role in a child development.


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