Everyone can see what you publish , you may regret something later . Personal blogs can be biased or contain inaccurate information  People may leave rude comments There are many dull blogs , you have to look at many before you find one worth reading. File sharing Any electronic document can be placed on a webpage for all to see.  Co-workers can easily have access to files  No size limit of file that can be transferred  Easy to share share music and videos  You have to decide in advance how you intend on naming the files  Someone could save an older version over a new version.

Everyone involved in the project must use the same naming convention Transferring long files can take a long time . E-mail A way of exchanging messages electronically  Messages are written, stored and sent to recipient so sender and recipient do not have to be online at the same time.

Documents, videos , sound , pictures can all be sent and can be very large  Cheap Less time consuming than writing a letter .  Can cause miscommunication and the recipient can not hear your tone.  You need internet  2/3 of mail sent are spam  people can waste time at work by sending emails to friends  you may have to wait long for a reply email attachments can contain viruses there are lots of scams , its easily to fall for one Video conferencing Used to connect 2 or more people over network/internet so that they can see and hear each other .

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Meetings can be called at short notice so there’s no need to arrange for people to travel to meeting or for people to re-arrange their work  The cost of travel is saved  The cost of hiring a conference venue is saved  The time saved travelling is used more efficiently  Can be used to keep easy contact with employees who work from home.

Initial cost of hardware and software can be high. You need a monitor , microphone , webcam/digital camera , speakers/headphones.  There needs to be a reliable connection via internet/network , if this connection fails then the conference s disrupted.  Some people don’t like being on camera and become self-conscious  There’s a lack of personal contact  Different time zones mean that conferences may be out of working hours – some people don’t work as well out of working hours  There’s difficult when handing out documents to other as they’ll have to be sent and printed in advance. VoIP

Voice over internet protocol . Used to make cheap phone calls over the internet.  You can integrate it with existing phone connection  Inexpensive and easy to use You need VoIP software , a computer , internet and a mic In an emergency during power cut , VoIP phones are useless Feature What is it used for? Address book The names and email addresses of contacts are stored here. Sometimes called a contacts list. cc Used to send same email to other contacts at the same time . All recipients can see who it has been sent to. CC stands for carbon copy bcc Used to send same email to other contacts at the same time.

The recipients cannot see who it has been sent to. Bcc stands for blind carbon copy . Return receipt The sender can set this to be automatically told is recipient has received and read the message . This is not reliable as recipient can refuse to send the receipt . Security options Lets the user decide how sensitive or confidential the information is and may be used to encrypt the message. High/low importance Indicates how important the message is and put may put message at the top of a list or flag it for immediate attention. Attachments Files such as documents, videos , sound can be attached to emails .

It’s possible to attach more than one file – multiple attachments . What problems are associated with exchanging information? (15 minutes) In recent years there has been a huge increase in the way we can use the Internet to communicate and exchange information and this has affected many aspects of people’s lives – home life, working life, leisure time and entertainment, education, shopping and so on.  File naming conventions. You need to decide in advance how you intend to name files , everyone using these files must use same naming convention. Files usually put into share area where co-workers can access.

Version control. Each version of a file should have a different filename . There’s always danger of someone saving an old version over a new version.  Secure transfer of data (threat from hackers) Encryption codes files before sending over the internet. If they are intercepted by hackers , the data cannot be understood.  Secure access to data (userids, passwords, firewalls, encryption, read/write permissions). Username – used to allocate programs , settings , storage area and files . Password- used to ensure the person who is using the network is genuine.

How can we stay safe while using these methods of communication (and avoid breaking the law! )? Showing respect to others . Do not be impolite and use appropriate language . Complying with Data Protection regulations . The data protection act was passed by parliament to control the way information is handled and to give legal rights to people who ace information stored about them .  Using appropriate language. Do not swear. Do not use racially offensive words. Do not use words that will offend certain groups of people. Ensure that everything you write is appropriate to all ages.

Do not cyberbully. Disclosure of personal information . Do not give out any personal information about you or pictures  Misuse of images. Images can be altered to tell lies . You cannot tell if images are genuine. A picture can be passed on with your permission . Your image could end up on a website which paedophiles use. You can be identified from your image and then stalked. Show preview only The above preview is unformatted text This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Communications section.


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