Fayez AlSunnaJanuary 26, 2018Hum 248The Hangover Movie Review CritiqueCritique #1    I liked this review because it showed a good amount of plot synopsis; it mentioned some scenes that are not too deep in the movie, in order not to spoil the movie for the audience who has not watched the movie yet, and not to shallow to not understand what is going on in the movie. James Berardinelli, the review writer, does not expect the audience to know anything about the actors; instead, he explains how each actor fitted into his role. Furthermore, he goes on to explain why the movie was R-rated so that the audience know what to expect in the movie. James gave the movie 3* out of 4* rating.Critique #2I did not like this review because it contained too much synopsis, it revealed some parts of the movie that I feel it should have been left for the viewer to see themselves, like the challenges the lead actors face while looking for their friend. Furthermore, the review does not include whether the reviewer liked the movie or not, nor a grade/star rating for the movies. The reviewer makes connections with other movies like “Old School”, “Starsky and Hutch”, and “Road Trip”, expecting the viewer to have watched these movies. The reviewer did not give a rating, but his review showed that he really liked it. Critique #3I liked this review because it was “short and sweet”, the reviewer talked about what happened in the movie without spoiling anything for the viewers. In the review video he mentions the things he liked about the movie, and the one thing he disliked, which was the slapstick comedy, he goes on to explains why he disliked it in the movie. He talked about the great chemistry between the lead actors, and how it impacted the movie overall. He gave the movie a rating of 8.5 out 10.  Critique #4I did not like this review because it lacked synopsis about the movie, the reviewer evaluates the movie base on the actors, and how he saw that some actors do not fit into their roles in the movie. Furthermore, the reviewer compares the comedy in the movie to other movies, expecting the viewer to have seen these movies. The reviewer gave this movie a 2* rating out of 5*, his rating does agree with his dislike of the movie.Critique #5    This review showed the right amount of synopsis; however the reviewer disliked the actors, he thought the actors chosen by Todd Philips were not good enough for the role. Furthermore, he mentions one of the actors, which was Ken Jeong, who played Mr. Chow, ignoring the other actors. He gave the movie 4* rating out of 5*. His rating is misleading, the reader would think he liked the movie but after reading the review, the reader would think he disliked the movie. The reviewer based his review on the actors ignoring the cinematic part of it. Synopsis    On the one hand, a good review includes the name of the movie, its genre, the lead actors’ names and who they played, the directors name, and most importantly is the reviewer opinion of the movie. The reviewer should give a brief explanation on how the chemistry between the lead actors played a role in making the movie successful or not. Also, the review needs to include a short summary of the plot and then analyzing it. Furthermore, a good reviewer should look beyond the plot analysis, the reviewer needs to look at other parts that make the movie, like cinematography, the acting, the soundtrack,…etc.     On the other hand, a bad review consists of the reviewer’s opinion based on one aspect of the movie, like basing it on the actors, or the soundtrack,…etc. Furthermore, a review is bad when the reviewer is expecting the viewer to connect points from the movie expecting the viewer to have watched the movie; this might spoil the movie for those viewers. Also, when the review disagrees with the rating given by reviewer, this might make the reader confused on the actual feelings of the reviewer. For example, if the movie was given a low rating, the review should reflect and explain why that rating was given.  

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