Through out the story there are many lines that foreshadow the ending and the activities that go on through the story. The first foreshadowing that occurs in the story that effect the ending is the great relief the characters show when they talk about president Keith. “Thank God Keith won” this show great relief and happiness to Keith being president and how the out come of the presidential elections went well. The characters then go on to say, “We’re lucky. If Deutscher had of gotten in, we’d have the worst kind of dictatorship” when the characters talk about Deutscher, we get the feeling of horror.

The characters are scared of this man and it would be unbearable if he did get president. To emphasise how tragic life would be if Deutscher did get president Eccles the main character says to the man behind the desk that people would rather live in the year 1492 than be under command of Duetscher. This means that Eccles is saying the people of America would rather go back in time to when America was found of the year 1492 were there is no technology, education, shops, houses, mobiles etc. than being under command of Duetscher. The author Ray Bradbury has emphasized the importance of president Keith being elected.

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This is because later on in the story when the death of the butterfly has caused a great change in the way of life. The population of the changed America had Elected Duetscher the Dictator instead of Keith, this horrific change in presidents makes the ending more shocking and exciting for the reader, knowing the new president was who everyone feared in the old unchanged year 2055. Also At the beginning of the story. Travis tells the hunters when they arrive in the jungle that how fatal it is for each of the hunters to look out and watch were they’re going and placing there feet.

“We don’t want to change the future. ” This is very important. Travis the Safari leader says this because the change in the future caused by Eccles is the main event that happens at the end. He then explains how the future could be changed in great detail. “Say we accidentally kill one mouse here. That means all the future families of this one particular mouse are destroyed. ” as he carries on talking about how the death of one mouse could effect, for example the foxes that eat the mice, that would then effect the lions that eat the foxes.

The food chain then carries when eventually it gets to the top, the cave man. Travis then ends his speech with “So the cave man starves. And the cave man, please note, is not just any expendable man, no! He is an entire future nation. ” This shows the impotency of the actions of the hunters. The author has once again gone into great deal over at first a none important piece of information. But later on we find out that its all foreshadowing and the ending of the story is the change of the future through the killing of and animal.

At the very end of the story, The Safari leader Travis unexpectedly picks up a rifle which they had used on the hunting trip and clicks the safety catch and raised the weapon, the author Ray Bradbury had made a climax building the excitement of Travis about to shoot Eccles. But when we think Travis is just about to shoot Eccles with a gory detailed ending like the rest of the story. Instead we are told ” There was a sound of thunder. ” We assume the sound of thunder is a metaphor for the sound of the gun shooting Eccles.

The author Ray Bradbury had use the words a sound of thunder to make the reader think and to imagine what happened to Eccles making the story exciting with a bit of mystery to the story. The ending of A Sound of Thunder works well with the story with its constant pace of quickness and fastness and the uses of short sentences keeps the story on the ball all the time. So when the story ends the activities involved with ending the story keeps the pace of the story going so we don’t have an anticlimax. The Body Snatcher like A Sound of Thunder has an unexpected ending but this time the ending is the super natural appearance of along dissected Gray. The Body Snatcher uses a lot of foreshadowing and ironic moments, but we don’t realise it till the story is over.

At the beginning of the story when the four friends are sitting in the pub and the landlord mentions the name Mcfarnlane we are told Fettus becomes instantly sober, “As if a man had risen from the dead. ” This line is a foreshadowing because it links into the ending. With the appearance of long dissected Gray. The use of phrases through out the story, which are used to foreshadow and make ironic moments for what happens at the end and the beginning of the story.

“No rest for the wicked” This is foreshadowing for what happens at the end of the story when the dead dissected grey appears in the bag that was meant to contain the dead farmer’s wife. The phrase “No rest for the wicked” could also be seen as being ironic because when we are first introduced to Fettus and he hears the name Mcfarnlane, and finds out the man is in the village. Fettus is certainly not at rest but he is quite agitated and worried. The name Fettus could be metaphoric for fetters. Fetters means a shackle for holding a prisoner by the ankles, Captivity, something restricted, a slave. The word Fettus might be a corruption of manacles; Because Fettus through out the story is forced to do things he would rather not get involved with.

He him self is a kind of slave for Mcfarnlane and Mr K. In the story at one point Fettus is referred back to as “the slave” making the metaphoric name more convincible. Through out the story each event that happens is a build up for the Climax at the end. With the discovery of greys body in the bag, which was meant to contain the dead farm’s wife. An example of this build up for the ending is when Fettus is given a body bag containing a girl he knew called Jane Galbraith. This girl Jane the day before had been well and happy. Fettus then starts to think that her body had been got unfairly.

And that they must of killed her. Another build up to the ending of Gray’s dead late appearance. Is when Mcfarnlane, Fettus and Gray were out at lunch when Fettus passes a remark. “When we dislike a dead friend of ours, we dissect him. ” This is ironic because Gray is then killed and dissected. Making the story exciting with a mix of horror in it. I think the end of the story of “The Body Snatcher” keeps the level of horror and excitement going with out ending with and anticlimax. I think the twist at the end with appearance of Gray’s body.

Fits in just right making a realistic story of the early 19th century making the story mysterious, strange, scary and unusual. The stories ending I think will make people once readed the story, will think for a while about the ending and how it could of happened. The effect of the ending would have had a much greater impact on the people of the early 19th century when people did go out and snatch bodies from graves. The story also refers back in time to when two men in Edinburgh did kill people to supply the universities that studied Medicine. Making The Body Snatcher a realistic story to believe with crimes that happened at the time.

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