feminists who dye their hair disgusting colors are demonstrating symptoms of a intricate and disturbingly, ubiquitous pathology.put simply, modern feminists don’t attempt to appease men to attract them. nor to get resources, prominence, or even sexual pleasure.they intentionally make themselves disgusting for attention and to see how utterly revolting they can make themselves while still getting male suitors.some otherwise beautiful women make themselves so outwardly revolting (let’s just skip the personality aspects) that it’s incredibly hard to believe any proud man with any sort of standards or expectations would ever see her as more than a disposable oddity to be disregarded and dismissed.this aspiration is so prevailing that an otherwise gorgeous female can purposely transform herself into an abominable looking hipster slut – as if to say “you’ll undoubtedly still want me because you’re a loser”- and imbeciles still converge on her, befooling themselves that they interpret her ‘indy’ style attractive.this pathetic state of affairs is exaggerated by a male populous that isn’t aware that their women are nasty, unattractive lumps. more often than not, western men are duped into believing that they’re the ones who are too inadequate to land ‘quality’ women.men must earn the highest incomes, get ripped at the gym, pump their dicks before bed, live in upscale accommodations, drive a nice car, take her on dates and pay for everything, and make her cum, and bring her lavish gift, and take her to a lake house on the weekends, ect…women can expect an outrageous portmanteau of traits from men and men will inevitably climb as many mountains as time and energy permits because they genuinely believe they’re not accomplished enough to land the real quality babes.the fact is, western men who (generally speaking) are overqualified for their lowly position of fucking nasty, insufferable, loud, bellicose, self-aggrandized white bitches.

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