Films also known as movies or motion picture, is more than just a source of entertainment. It is a vital sector of a country’s economy and most importantly, it reflects the character of a nation. It mirrors the dreams and aspirations of man and represents the present condition of a nation.

In the postmodern society that we currently live in, Filipinos are now open to films other than mainstream films that portray the conditions of the nation. People are now starting to watch and appreciate independent films that portray the realities of our society. Usual themes include poverty, drugs, war, corruption, homosexuality, and discrimination. Filipinos, especially millennial, are now more open to embrace films that doesn’t just entertain but rather stimulate critical thinking, allowing watchers to be agents of change in their own local communities. With its capability to stimulate mental and emotional experience, films influence the millennial to stir the current status quo by expressing their stand in defying gender stereotypes, advocating for peace and equality, and strengthen patriotism in the country.

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Furthermore, with the invention of the advancement of tools on making films namely DVF or Digital Video Format in media, producing indie films are now not limited solely for production units and studios alone. Anyone, including students and film enthusiasts, can make a film as long as there’s a recording device to produce a film. Filmmaking opens up a new door that does not require expensive film equipment due to the inventions of digital technologies.

“Media and cultural studies are transformational subjects (Stokes  2013, 47).” As a principal host of portraying realities in the society that morphs and reproduces culture, it is vital to conduct cultural studies to explore the medium that shapes the minds of the current and future generation. In this study, the analysis of independent films is dealt in terms of power relations portrayed through visual representation. Moreover, it would examine the nature and objectives of an independent film and trace how it developed in the 21st century. Lastly, the analysis would also describe the correlation of the trend of Philippine indie films with the current socio-political realities in the current time.

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