Finally, it is the most
important for the Lao people to have consideration of happening in social media
in order to help each other perform rightness for community.  In addition, to get to know with every
situation and to acknowledge what is happening in everyday life. Moreover, the
social media has both good point and bad point to the societies.  In my points of view Lao government will
solve the bad news of young people recorded themselves posted on Facebook. In
addition, they will restore bringing back beautiful cultures that will attract
citizens of the world to visit Laos more in the future to come.

In my opinion, the
social-media network should be checked, controlled by Lao government before
spreading news either bad or good through by Television, Facebook to community.
For instance, if there is much good news that could make people are delighted,
pleasant after reading, watching or hearing them, that could make the citizens
of a country to live without any fright of terrorists therefore, it is one
thing to push the people live happily in their families or countries. But in
the opposite side, by showing or providing various sorts of bad news that would
be effected for the teenagers who might intimate such a bad action from the
news by adding into their characteristics of collecting bad information into
the communities what is to be endangered for other people and family.

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In some country, there is
law strictly to obligate for the citizen who are living under the authorities
leading by the government concerning every part of social-media such as news,
magazine, newspapers, Facebook, movies, and music…Those things must be
preserved and editing according to the law before showing on television to
public whether bad news or good news. Social–media network is really needed for
the countries or the world in particular developing countries and else
countries as well. There are many unrestricting about the violent videos
spreading in domestic themselves because of making several benefits by giving
news through television for the people who have been following, watch and it is
much more easier and much more faster than reading newspapers.

These are causes that
result in bad thought to viewers and somehow Lao children will imitate the
reckless behaviors to the society which is harmful to Lao cultures. When young
people who had watched movies on Internet or TV, and later they will practice
in their daily lives. For example, after young girl or boy see other people
wearing short clothes either with long hair. This can be seen everywhere that
young women wear short in the public even sometimes in the sacred areas not
like in the past, women had to wear long skirt. Wearing a short was
unacceptable for Lao cultures but now it becomes an average practice.  Yet, some Lao people also speak harshly and
degrading others who are not enough of materialism and disrespect to
adults.  Moreover, I also saw many young women
shown off without dressing to social media which was really bad news to
Cultures and Lao community. Obviously, no one would be able to be satisfied or
happy whenever the bad news shows up on television. For example, 9 11 in the
United States of America, in that day there were many Americans shocked and
suffered which to make people were sad and angry with such an issue, while
seeing the building was attacked by the terrorists. So that, the bad news must
be appropriated for the maturities who over 18 years old because of they will
not copy from the news from Tv or Facebook to reality of life. One more thing,
the good point of bad news showing from Internet is that to warn the Lao people
and encourage the societies to be aware of evil people from meeting through
social media carefully.

On the other hand, Lao
people do not care much about the cultures and practice what that activities
had been taught by senior to perform and apply from all the ethics believing
from past anymore. Because social media items are such as: Facebook, Twitter,
Youtube, TV, etc., particularly, Facebook that is most strongly impacted on Lao
youths. Because young children enjoy using Facebook at most rather than other
Apps and doing some works. In Vientiane Capital, it can be said that almost
local people have their own mobile phone possession and they use Facebook for
communication make new friend. However, on Facebook uploads down many personal
pictures, much private information that is important for users. Facebook
frequently show off clips of killing, Violence, porn photos, rude works, and

When technology has
reached to Laos such as: Internet, Facebook, TV, Twitter and so on. These
results in various beneficial ways especially for communication and has changed
Laos into worldwide community connection that all of Lao people have internet
access for researching and enjoying individual wish. Laos has fast and
convenient communication both nationally and internationally through internet.
While social media offers several positive points like learning Free Languages
from Youtube, business advertisements, sale products, promote cultures and
tourism in Laos as well. Some students who are studying in Vientiane that want
to communicate with parents they can just talk on phone instead of writing
letters to family. In addition, it is helpful for Lao students in educational
studies. For instance, who are doing research and need information from
internet certainly that can be avoided, as for students who wish study aboard ones
can look for scholarships from internet, which will encourage viewers more
passionate to apply. Even, some Lao professors needed Internet for doing
research. Personally, I am grateful for technology which can urge Lao people to
enlighten themselves in many ways of livelihood practicing. I often study
English from Youtube specifically focus on listening exercise, and practice
speaking skills that are not big investment for self-learning English. TV can
also encourage Lao people to understand other people cultures and enjoy
watching movies on the screen. Television also gives the opportunities for Lao
children to see foreigner countries, knowledge about the world and every
existence living thing. Furthermore, social media can make celebrities becoming
more famous and have more followers. Now, Lao people are hitting on Facebook
that they are still addicted showing self-activities but sometimes make a
footage of motivation stories spread out all over Facebook which can be useful
for other people. I think this a motivation short film is literally significant
for Lao teenagers who are about to give up of what have been doing for
achievements. Thus, social media can promote Laos cultures and tourism posts
down on Facebook bursting to around the world to attract tourists visit and see
many beautiful places in Laos.

Laos is a historic
country that accepted Buddhism to be main religion in the whole country from
the past to now. By worshipping and practicing Buddhism Lao people in cycle of
lives and respect to other people, do good deeds to humankinds too. However,
there is still animism for a group of people who are practicing in Laos. Most
of any religions are not hurting and destructive to the cultures and folks.
Although, Laos is a small country in Southeast Asia that is often called
Land-locked country but it is literally rich in cultures, traditions and
forest. Elderly people believed and practiced their daily life activities in
particularly women respected their husbands, women is a pillar of a house as
well as husband who is strong and protective for his own family. In the past
women had food after her husband, children had after their parents. Women
always had to stay at home taking care of children and cooked for family. This
was incredible warmly live for family.

In the past, when Laos
was still not having Internet access to the worldwide that Lao people from the
south to the north had difficulties of connecting to each other. Because we had
no internet connection or communication facilities to comfort in delivery
letters to relatives who were not in the same place. We had communication by
writing letters sends to each other and it took long time to reach a
destination. But we were rich in cultural activities that identify a word of
cultures to many meaning are; Language, religion, dressing, manner, faith, and
behavior. Although, some of Lao people were not good at writing official
letters but they could still practice their minds to become generosity,
gratefulness, compassion, honesty, and respect the adults people in family and
external family. As for other minority ethnic people also followed the good
pattern of national practice and of course there were some ethnics practiced different
religions, languages, cultures however all of people on Lao land were strongly
loved their own cultures peace and country.

Technology has come a
long ways from its existence till today. It is modern world, people are
surrounded by technology everywhere. People are surrounded by disrupting
technologies every day such as: Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, TV, Newspapers.
Nevertheless, social media has offered a great facility for a citizen of the
world is able to interconnection, closer to each other from every corner on
earth. However, there are some drawbacks to the society as well. In this essay,
I will discuss both advantages and disadvantages on Lao society.

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