Fleas on human

a tiny, wingless, blood sucking insects whose legs are adapted for jumping.
They measure about one-sixth inch in length and are reddish brown in color.
They live as parasites in warm blooded animals and are naturally ectoparasites,
meaning they live outside the body and feed on blood from the host animal.
While fleas prefer pets’ like dogs and cats as hosts, they are known to attack
humans. The bites are distinctive unlike characteristics exhibited by attacks
from other blood sucking parasites like mosquitos. If attacked by fleas, the
bites appear small and will exhibit the following symptoms

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bites look just like red small dots

bites appearing around ankles or and

bites appearing in small groups and in

Bites that appear small and in red

Fleas on human usually come from pets
like cats and dogs, Flea bites on humans usually come from
dogs and cat fleas or human fleas. The bites are often seen in large groups or
in clusters. Some people are very sensitive to these bites,
and they may get some hives, that look like a large number of red
bumps or bubbles on the affected area. They are very itchy, and the skin around
each bite may become sore or painful. Insect bites are annoying and potential
threats to both humans and animals, fleas from pets usually bite below the
knee, usually on the ankles. You can also get flea bites on the forearms, if
you have stroked or held your pet. In fact it is only the human flea that comes
in groups of two to three, or even more at a time. Bites from
dog fleas or cat fleas are usually spotted as areas of red dots.

Flea bites treatment

are handful of flea bite remedies that can be used at domestic or even
industrial levels. They include:

Aloe Vera oil

Hot and cold therapies


Lavender oil

Flea repealing plants 

Both an antiseptic and an anti-inflammatory, lavender oil
works to ease swelling and irritation while keeping itching to a minimum.
Another simple way to treat a flea bite is to use hot and cold therapies. Both
help soothe itching and encourage the body to heal. Aloe has soothing
properties, which is why it’s commonly used to treat sunburns. But these
soothing properties also make this plant ideal for treating flea bites. The
final treatment is peppermint, with its soothing, cooling properties,
peppermint is a great treatment for flea bites. It helps keep the itching at
bay while promoting healing.

Additional Risks and concerns about

species prefers specific hosts, although if there is someone nearby,
they can easily live on other animals or humans. Pets, like dogs,
are very sensitive to certain substances in flea saliva. Much more than
humans are. They may develop allergic reactions after just one bite. Other risk
concerns of flea infestation include:

Flea Allergic
Dermatitis; Itching due to fleas is
the result of a localized allergic reaction. Some animals are more sensitive
than others, so flea bites can lead to severe itching, irritation, major skin
infections in some pets.

Anemia: If enough fleas infest the host, it is possible for the host animal to
lose enough blood to become anemic. Small puppies and weak or sickly dogs are especially
at risk. If not caught soon enough, a dog can easily die or suffer other
medical complications as a result of anemia

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