“For too long, women have not been heard or believed if they dare speak the truth to the power of those men. But their time is up!”

-Oprah Winfrey

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While preparing my statement of purpose, I was inspired by many things to describe why I came to the United States to pursue my master’s degree, but after I heard Oprah’s speech on the Golden Globes, it changed everything. Her words rekindled my desire of being a journalist; making life equal for both men and women; and having freedom of speech.

I want to devote my career to speaking out about unjustifiable inequality between men and women in my home country, Saudi Arabia. In particular, I want to learn from the tradition of revolutionary thought in western journalism, in order to inspire women in my country to make historic progress. Inspired by the positive force of journalism, I resolved to pursue journalism as my higher studies and take it up as my career to make an impact on the society. Propelled by this driving force, I am applying to Syracuse University for Masters in Journalism.

My dream came closer to fulfillment when, soon after my high school, I started working as a news reporter for a local newspaper ‘Al Yaum’. This was my first work with real journalism, which was about traveling to seek the truth; interacting to uncover the facts; gaining logic and reasoning, and having an unbiased perspective. I realized achieving my dream was not going to be easy and that I had to move out of my comfort zone. I left my hometown for my undergraduate studies and earned my bachelor’s degree in media and journalism from the University of Jizan. The experience was intellectually-stimulating and added a lot to my knowledge.

After graduating, I started working as an assistant teacher at King Fasil University, in the Department of Media. Meanwhile, I prepared myself to travel to the United States as learning English became my top priority. Also, I wanted to experience the open community, feel the cosmopolitan culture, and admire the spirit of a nationality that accepts others in spite of differences and thrives on the power of a common language to communicate across cultural boundaries.

If I get the chance at Syracuse University, I will focus my research on the theories and practices of western journalism; learn the contemporary professional skills; and gain the western journalists’ meaningful news sense, robust analytical capacity and vigorous writing skills. I will also concentrate on the flourishing new fields of digital and social media. I want to learn and implement ways to use the power of such media in creating a better future for our new generation.

If I get the opportunity of doing my masters from Syracuse University, it would mean elevation in my education, enhancement in my perspective and clarity in my thought-process. I sincerely hope to get admission to your university. Your sophisticated education and my rigorous efforts will help me grow into an accomplished journalist.


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