For that reason, the aim of this management report is to
investigate in which ways performance and culture relates. This points to the following
problem statements:

How does
organizational culture affect organization performance?

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Previous studies and reports can aid in the establishing of
questions in order to answer the above problem statement.

What are the perspectives on organizational
culture and which approach can be used to analyse organizational culture?What factors determine organizational
performance and what are the different indicators used to measure organization
performance?How does organizational culture, both directly
and indirectly, have an impact on organizational performance?

In investigating the collaborating relationship, the
different dimensions used to frame culture in the organization will need to be
explored. Definitions and commonly used indicators of performance will be
explained and identified and by doing this the relationship can be analysed.  


1.3 Methodology

The intent of this literature review is to look at the effect
of an organisational culture on an employee’s performance. An initial search on
organisational culture and employee performance was carried out. A further
search was conducted with the term “human resource management” added to help
broaden the information. Due to the large number of journals and articles that
returned from the search, a filtering system was necessitated to make the
number of articles manageable. The next segment will specify the process used
in filtering the articles and journals and the finalised list of articles and
journals taken into account that will be used for this report.

Some of the articles that were selected for review has
already highlighted and in one way or another answered the question from my
collective research search results. Several manually sourced academic textbooks
and articles were sourced from the University of Limerick Library.

This research goal is to clarify the relationship and
generate more understanding of organizational performance and culture. This
will be done by unearthing literature relevant to the question and frame it so
that one can get the big picture. As mentioned, in the existing literature
there are many favouring facts and information available but some of them are
not on the same line. This management report will use secondary data to conduct
this research. Data will be gathered from online literature databases, peer
reviewed journals and articles. In order to support the quality of data, the
snowballing data collection method will be used. By using several journals as a
basis foundation and starting point for this research, the possibility of
finding large numbers of data relevant to this research is greater. Literatures
that do not have any connection with this management report will be easily
recognized and overlooked. Furthermore, most of the basic data are considerably
aged, so to challenge this bias I will endeavour to use more recent data.

I will use a thematic approach to the literature review
using the following to assist in the following section

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