For most laptop users who spend a lot of time at their machines, the main problem is fatigue and strain. This normally occurs due to having the laptop at the same place and angle, which is comfortable for a period of time but after some time it becomes strenuous. Also, majority of laptop hardware failures and batteries deaths are due to overheating of the laptop. Overheating of the laptop occurs when there is not enough cooling of the laptop due to lack of ventilation. This is the case especially when the laptop is placed on a flat opaque surface like a table for a long time while in use.Well, the Halter Mesh Ventilated Adjustable Laptop Stand is designed and innovated solve both of these problems for any laptop user.1) Ventilation AbilityThe table part of the Halter Mesh Ventilated Adjustable Laptop Stand is elegantly designed and is made of a ventilated metal mesh. The Ventilated mesh keeps the laptop cool as it improves the airflow around the laptop and it scatters the heat away from the laptop.Also, the table is made of metal which is a good conductor of heat. It can conduct heat away from the laptop.2) AdjustabilityThe Halter Mesh Ventilated Adjustable Laptop Stand is adjustable up to six different heights. This can be used to increase airflow and get a comfortable positions to work or watch on the laptop.It is very easy to adjust as the base has two metal hooks and the table has six pairs of holes into which you fit the hooks to get the position which the user prefers.3) SturdinessThe Halter Mesh Ventilated Adjustable Laptop Stand is made of metal which is durable and strong enough to support any laptop, iPad or notebook placed on it.Also, it has anti-slip feet that keep your laptop, iPad or notebook in place and prevents it from slipping.The base of the Halter Mesh Ventilated Adjustable Laptop Stand is made up of two metal rods that are joined by metal bars to make it steady and more stable.Also, appropriate technology and precision is employed during manufacture to ensure the product is of high standards.4) Ease Of UseThere are no other external fittings or products required in order for it to be used once a user has purchased this product.It is not complicated to set up and adjusting the heights to a user’s preference is a piece of cake.The anti-slip feet and the stopper at the bottom anchors a laptop nicely and the user does not have to worry about it slipping or falling off.5) Features The Halter Mesh Ventilated Adjustable Laptop Stand is pretty lightweight at only 410 grams. It is easily portable. The table size is 10X8.2 inches and it is ideal for all types and sizes of laptops. Its colour is black. The height adjustments take it up to an angle of 80 degrees (only suitable for i Pads and tablets). It has anti-slip feet and a lip stopper to prevent the laptop fro slipping or falling off.The mesh on the table ascertain proper ventilation to ensure a user”s laptop is kept cool.6) ProsThe Halter Mesh Ventilated Adjustable Laptop Stand has a lot of advantages. It is light, compact and very portable. It is cheap as compared to other laptop holders. It gives a variety of angles and heights which a user can position their laptop. As it has a metal mesh table, it facilitates ventilation. The anti-slip feet and the lip stopper ensure the safety of the user’s laptop.It is compatible with a wide variety of laptop types.It is easy to set up and use.It is durable and long-lasting.7) ConsThe Halter Mesh Ventilated Adjustable Laptop Stand though very advantageous, it has a few cons.The lip stopper at the bottom is not able to support heavy models of laptops.After the third height, it does not work perfectly with laptops that open up to 90 degrees.8) Final ConclusionThe Halter Mesh Ventilated Adjustable Laptop Stand is the best and efficient laptop stand out there for those who want to keep their laptops from overheating. Being adjustable it can be used at various angles and heights to reduce fatigue, neck pains, straining and headaches, It is produced with the consumer needs in mind. And for its multi use, I would encourage anyone in the market for ventilated, adjustable laptop stands, to check out this stand.

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